A pair of stockings to hang in their front windowsLove

 In my life, my first pair of stockings, my stolen, ha ha, I believe that many enthusiasts are like this come of it. Remember it was 10 years ago, and I also live in the cottage, my neighbors, lived in a unit of three little girl, said to the little girl, than I am, ah, ha ha, but also can not remember who is, anyway, that day to see a pair of white stockings, and now want to open, is the kind of very common stockings, or the traditional long, it is not the kind of flexibility, but at the time, to see such stockings have been very satisfied. have not seen the light of what wanted how to get that day, the opportunity came, and now want to open, or very risky, ha ha day, they went to work, I play in the yard, they inadvertently saw the room, in fact, is to see, ha ha, see the pair of stockings to hang in their windows before the rope, away from the windows close, that is big summer, windows open, just off the screens, can be chosen on their screens have a large hole, ha ha, indeed God has eyes, ah, I'm eyeballing a bit, puts his hand to get, I pretended to play, to find time to finally come when no one in the yard, I ran fast, reaching the heart told me to put a pair of long stockings dragged his hand, ran back fast his own room, can one room, a look, silly, and how is a ah, ha ha, just so excited, did not look pulled one back, how do?? to go back, okay, back to into the yard in a circle, no one, and again ran fast, got, back, all right now, and finally complete, ha ha. in his hand, a close look, then look at, that is, fetish, ah, feeling, good smooth, ah, can now think of the feeling that time has been the one, I especially like touch, touch, give me a lot of enjoyment, it may be formed at that time!!! stockings, slip through my hand, comfortable, ah, put, caress, comfort !!!!!!!!! for the first time, it is so you have conquered!!!.


She wore a pair of flesh-colored stockings thin

Fetish, foot lovers, enthusiasts readme, original stockings, plain underwear, old stockings, lots of old underwear here there is a need, please QQ about. Secondary school graduates that year, only 21 years old. Was assigned to the bank to work, the first day of duty, I went to the governor there, he asked my qualifications and resume line, and then said, you go to the following savings practice it, finished, I called, I heard it was called following the person in charge of a savings bank, which is the director came to pick me. so I'll be fine director of the sofa next to come. time after about 10 minutes, and saw a woman into the years, and the President greeted and saw she was about 30 years old (I feel, then know that 35, well-maintained), wearing a white shirt , following a dark blue dress space (that is, the clothing bank), the most terrible is that she wore a pair of thin, flesh-colored stockings and black high heels 5 cm, when the president told me that you should talk to her go. She surnamed Liu, was the director of XX, I said Liu well, (in our bank, on length of service or higher than our leaders, call the teacher) then deliberately looked down, staring at my eyes so that She's beautiful, sexy feet, she took a look at my shoulder, and said go, so to have in her. The woman in all, really was great, they wear the same uniforms, really, this dress One can not say sexy. But my heart is still the best that Liu Suochang legs, but she is always inside an office in the matter, and I was on the outside, that is, we see that the saving take money out of operating room and I did not appreciate her legs, hey, really a pity, though I go to work every day while watching their side legs, but they did not have that Liu mature, sexy body, my dream was Liu Suozhang really want to look good legs. Soon to let me touch, lick it. that the U.S. leg stockings, over three or four days, night work, and Liu Suozhang called us all over and that is to open a small conference, so I chose the legs of Liu a convenient place to sit down, the meeting seems to say that the system should be upgraded next week, the night to try the new system is stable and unstable, so to to work overtime at night to do some testing, I do not hear anything else, I only pay attention to the beauty Liu feet, she saw his mouth, followed by the edge off the heels of the half, exposing her heel, but also light the dazzling light of a really beautiful, ah, I saw children through stockings, her pale blue veins faintly visible, she only caught the high-heeled foot's toes in front, still vaguely see her toe seam, in my flash before the flash, my little brother up in the Lao Gao, really wished jumped, kissed her beautiful feet. my heart gone then, I really want her off the high heels, so I'm not in a cable to see the beauty of her feet, but not long, the meeting was over, hey, I see, but hidden ah. had to go back, get in the way of a non-stop thinking about her beauty feet. After a few days, the system tested, Originally, I was new, not used to, but that day the man should have to not feeling well and told me to, coincidentally, is the director of the day and just had her Jiaye Ban, and now I am the only director, and really cool ah. 20:00 10 came to the worse, the director did not think we have already, (that is 8:30 a good test, doing 8 to the point of preparation, because some savings All night market, to have closed and all the can to start testing). only day she is wearing a white jumpsuit, or that most Tou's almost transparent crystal Si pants. But the yellow flat shoes for a milk with square head shoes, she sat beside the computer, do something to prepare for the test. I sat down beside her, good, now I can appreciate her legs closest distance, not to mention blowing her lie let down? is also did not notice my eyes have been staring at her feet, while her heel and took it off, wow, I swallowed saliva ... ..., but her legs a little below the backlight on the computer desk, I can still see vaguely the high arch of her instep, and a one of the veins above, and her feet are so pretty, cream leather flat with square head, like a lady ah. flesh-colored stockings and transparent crystal, placed in front of me is really human Wonderland , when the director and I said some savings, on the computer's operation, I Sidongfeidong the hearing will, because I did not listen to, but no way, she and I said, I had to Kanzhe computer screen, but her mind is only attractive legs, just listen to "bang when" soon, I felt completely off her shoes off, I cast a glance under the table, and sure enough, her shoes fall to the ground, and a carried on the other leg above the legs, and I think my legs towards the tomb of thinking completely in my eyes, I deliberately dropped a pen, bent down to pick up the body, where her foot is only 30 centimeters away from me, through her thin stockings, and I did not see her toes nail polish, and makes a long, fascinating really perfect! My little brother is really dying, I think I should not sleep tonight. pick a good pen, you can take a break, she said, to wait, let me have this opportunity to once again read, although the backlight a bit dark, but this hazy is the most beautiful. where the phone rang, she pick up the phone and said a little test case, and then told me to wait another 15 minutes, testing the final project as good, so I said, how fast, with a sigh sat there thinking, hey, really, I have not seen enough, so good today opportunity to come to an end, I wish a long test time point, even the whole night. just listen to "Oh" sound, ran, how, and "cockroaches, cockroach," Liu are scared like a child, I say, there is nothing to fear, in which, I saw in her desk, really had a big cockroach, I took a newspaper, heard too soon, hang it, saying, well, all right, Liu of the This recovered, I wrapped the cicada dragonfly newspaper, trash thrown in the corner, just listen to is "Oh," I thought it was a cockroach, but it is not, Liu said: hey, out of luck , stockings and broken, the damn cockroaches. "I said what she stretch out the legs, let me see, that under the light, saw her white and tender, where the lower leg is really broken, the original, just her frightened, startled, in order to hide the cicada dragonfly, foot against a public office desk next to a door handle, cut, and I pretend to pity her, when her husband came, she introduced me a bit, I asked the good. hey, had to quit her office, so that they two people, just listen to her stockings to her husband that what broke, not long after, the final test time came, she came out and sat in the front of the computer , but the stockings on her legs had disappeared, I think, even at night she and her husband to go outside, afraid not look good worn socks, or off it, my heart burst of ecstasy, perhaps on the inside of it I have ...... for a while, all the tests well, is to go back, so she and her husband go with me three off the light and set off, walked to the door, I said, Oh, me the keys forgot. Liu said, you get it, the door to leave you off, we've got go first, I said good. I like the inroads of the fly in to her office, carefully open her drawer , the first without the second or not, I am a bit anxious, will not be placed in her bag, take home, and hey, the last drawer, ah, God, or not, I am disappointed, I'm pumping a cigarette, sitting in her chair, and quietly, watching her back legs just thinking about that scene, a hand touched my little brother, smoked, and I asked myself thrown into the trash, suddenly. I saw, I saw a dream day to think of her stockings, she just quietly sit cross-legged to wear stockings, where trash from work at night, when down, for like garbage on a new generation. inside Only the cicadas just wrapped with newspaper dragonfly and her stockings, is also not dirty, I'm a take over, on the face, and the crazy smell, that time is summer and early autumn is not, she just came out just last night, wearing a a new pair, right, and the taste of washing powder, but the tip of her socks, which is that part of toe touch, smell her feet a bit, I think it seems to kiss the foot of her beauty, the stuff I put down the tube . I put my socks into the pockets of children, like to fly home to sleep at night, I kissed her to sleep, just like holding the legs to sleep .

Buy a strange woman's socks

Buy buy strange socks women's socks Unknown Woman (fine) in May last year when I went low a city in Zhejiang, at about 11 o'clock when I accidentally went to a health food store, the owner is 30 years old about the young woman, wearing black shoes and stockings paragraph, I was kind of mind to thinking about how socks can get their hands on her feet, because no acquaintances in the field, I entered the store pretending to look at some of the first masturbation, then I expected which she asked me, I asked her if she had a woman's underwear or socks, she says she is not here, I say I come from Guangzhou, where we are in This store had the woman's underwear and socks sold through, she said she did not know, but her shop you do not, so I pretended to look relatively disappointing about, or what we are there for all, read something else and then pretend, I summoned the courage of the female boss is just crisp you sell me your sock, and I give you 30 dollars, and she looked at me surprised that you want me What socks? I said you do not ask, and then I took out 30 dollars on the counter and urged her to hurry up, and she quickly took the money entrusted to two stockings down, I was heart would jump out, she loaded me with a plastic bag up, I got the back of the hand quickly to my hotel, opened the bag and took out to smell a bit, a slightly acid, as well as leather and sweat taste, but also damp,...


Cherished the beautiful legs

* When the sky becomes the endless haze, rain rain, I would think that the 29th floor window, there was still lingering in my mind, cherished the beautiful legs. Things have to go back two years ago, I was in charge of a star hotel to do, not long after starting work, I found the hotel business center, a girl secretly like me, she was not pretty thoroughly, there is no that makes me feel love at first sight, but she has an innocent and refined temperament and a devil figure, short hair, big eyes, a pair of talking and a pair of slender white stockings legs, and especially in her legs She dressed in gray uniforms, wearing flesh-colored stockings good texture, the kind of people simply can not resist the fatal attraction, and I have had a good impression on her, but I already have a girlfriend, and is also a unit colleagues, so I can avoid her purposely, in order to avoid misunderstanding. But I can not think of that, so far, I found she not only has not gone away, but rather is constantly looking for opportunities to * close to me, and intentionally or unintentionally, spread everywhere, and she has been my good rumors, even deliberately made in front of close to my move, it makes me for nothing more than a lot of trouble, I gradually losing the good opinion of her, replaced by an inexplicable angry.

Finally one day I could not resist rushing into the business center to make it clear to her, but I never thought that she spoke up before me: "Wait for me after work, okay? I would like to find a place and talk to you. "I acquiesced, anyway, I said something to her, look at her what to say. She got off work to see if the time is 23:30, and where to go about it? "Go to 29th floor it." Hotel is a 29th floor, storage room, and I happen to have the key to the warehouse. Warehouse surprisingly quiet night, some of which are all linen and room supplies, warehouse, in front of a huge bay window, window is very low, before the knee point, but it is enough to have one meter wide, here is my opinion, all hotel is the best place to view the city night. She locked the door. "

What you say, speak." "Do not talk right? With me." Then she took my hand and came to the window, she somehow stood in the window, allows the stay below, and then she the are facing me, and I looked at her, do not understand what she meant. Just then, she suddenly solved dress buttons, skirt down her legs slipped, falling on her heels. I stared, I did not expect such a move she would, without reservation, to show her legs in front of me, my face and she was so close, I can even smell the incense of her body . "Nice?" She suddenly asked. I was silent and did not answer her, I do not know how to answer. She grabbed my hand, my hand slowly posted on her smooth slender thighs, back and forth to guide me up and down stroke. Window only starlight, moonlight, and the luminous city, in this little bit of light, I saw her legs, her stockings, I can not believe my eyes. Flesh-colored tights, her eyes constantly revealing an attractive fragrance, I could not help my face slowly * past her stockings, attached to her lower abdomen, I would hold her hand while legs, I could hear her heart beat, can smell her taste, it is a girl stockings unique aroma and smell of a mixture of physiological odor. I, blood began to swell. I rushed to the window, clinging to her, kissed her crazy, and my hand Henhen fullness in her hips on the random touching, palms and the grinding sound of her stockings is that I can not to control my desire.

I slowly let her lie on the windowsill, I just want a good look at, touch her legs, her stockings. I finally know how beautiful her legs, the United States is not party material. She is wearing a uniform again, but ordinary shoes, but her bare feet are so soft, so graceful curve, and I unable to control their impulses, won her feet while wildly kissing, that The unique smell of girl's feet to make me so intoxicated. Her stockings wrapped tightly in her lap, as if a layer of the skin's natural, it is already one of the beautiful legs is too curvy outline, slender straight. I take off her jacket and shirt, her body only underwear, stockings and shoes had. I suddenly found that girls are not naked is beautiful, and now in front of me is really the best. One minute, a quarter of an hour, an hour, I was so constantly kissing and caressing, she is lying on the windowsill so quietly, we completely forgot what to do today, only to hear my hand gently and her stockings friction sound, the sky outside the window start * haze, but it began to rain, to rain, between heaven and earth exudes endless melancholy atmosphere, and only a trace of soft light now in the 29th floor ledge of a gently spread in her body, scattered in her lap, were scattered in her stockings on ... ...
although we ultimately did not come together, and she resigned shortly after, but that the 29th floor window still my frequented the place because there left an unique atmosphere, it is the breath of stockings ... ...


Duantong black stockings

Fetish, foot lovers, enthusiasts readme, original stockings, plain underwear, old stockings, lots of old underwear here there is a need, please QQ about. I have a classmate is Wang Jiao, he likes to wear black stockings Duantong, I carefully read every day in class. I sat in the last row so the teacher can not see what I'm doing, Wang Jiao position left sitting in front of me I see very clearly. She is very like sandals, and then there is the black stockings. I seriously look at her stockings feet very psychological lick want to Feel more like ... because of her feet and toes looked great, I watched a bit like planes, so the school for massage together with the clothes of a block is not visible to others, over the last 3 minutes to vent it out, who knows, I accidentally shot in her sportswear pants, but fortunately she did not know the class the next day ... she was wearing the same stockings, the same sandals are very sexy, she sat at the end of this transposition in the middle of a row of surface Li Lin and just sit with her, I suddenly had an idea. English class, I deliberately sat next to Li Lin, so you can more clearly see her feet clear, silent word of English classes on the bit-dong Li Lin put the book he wanted to cheat, and I take this opportunity to see that the lower body This book I actually want to see Wang Jiao of stockings feet, do not know how going Wang Jiao deliberately feet on the bench let me see, my heart burst of joy, I put his head away from her lower legs and a bit from when I smell the smell of her feet, a little bit of fragrance of course, mixed with the smell of her, but the smell is not great, but the light, anyway, is good news ... I'm straight trousers immediately inside the ... very straight up, like Wang Jiao alert, and then she looked at me and smiled, I was on a sweat, go back to his place. Afternoon, Li Lin did not come home, something happens, too lucky, I can have this opportunity to sit next to Wang Jiao. I still like looking at her feet as usual, but when she found me looking at her feet and then said to me, "Do you like my feet ah? Doing to my feet always look ah ~." Her blush ... and then I did not speak, I looked to her feet straight below me .... This time Wang Jiao curled his legs to put the right leg left leg I sat her on the right side, so I very boldly go her feet that smell to go ~ ~ ~ ~ Wang Jiao said nothing of her face seems to have red bouncing ... my heart jump, I decided to go to kiss, and she seemed to be aware of, and then drag out the sandals, she said nervously, "to give to, you do not want to smell you smell Well ~ fill," she said, so I'm even more boldly go directly to the pro, is simply too cool, and her stockings flavor and taste are very good feet smell, and I kept the up to lick, lick from her toes and soles of the feet of her licking back and forth, she seems so cool finish after the way .... I "I would lick the next.! haha ~" she blush. That should be whispered to the "Ace ~ ~ anthracene" things at home want to think of *** the afternoon


A pair of her sister stole highly transparent stockings embroidered short

[Love full news] brief history of my love socksLove of my stockings have been speaking about three years, during which experienced the excitement and satisfaction, stress and impulsive, extravagant hope and loss, has been suppressed in the hearts of love socks complex world is finally in this side - the Chinese love the foot area network literature to be a spit faster, now offer an apology, accept my gift enthusiasts hope.
I do not know when to begin from a woman like socks, I remember reading the first two days, in the way to and from school, renowned for wearing a flesh-colored or white stockings woman will stare at the eye does not blink of an eye, at the same time note a number, so walking to see the number of edges, if the small number, the left lane, to the number of people hanging in the window on the socks, then the standard of living is poor, can only see short stockings, and occasionally one or two pairs of short non- with stockings. To sleep, while both recall a day to see the stockings, while the small penis crawl in bed friction. Silk stockings slowly into my field of vision when open, which made me difficult to self-restraint. I have a downstairs Seventeen-year-old girl, put on a hot day like most white silk stockings lying on the aisle side of the Beach Chair nap, death is always a sock pulled her thighs a little, a wrapped into a circle faded to the ankle. I'm timid, not dare get in a word, but did not dare to touch, but to the toilet and down the stairs under the guise of a feast for a dozen times. Filled to the middle of the night to go **, good to see her family laundry pole, there is no wash down her socks, but never do so, and finally could not resist, her sister stole a pair of short stockings embroidered highly transparent, often put to play, with a very long time. Sometimes in the summer when people take a nap, to get people bold enough to dry the long stockings, doing about it down there more than ten pairs, all flesh, every hand extended past, all my heart pound, beating, like the arms hides the rabbit. In college, I also bought their own, the smell of the machines on the new socks smell, do not always feel comfortable through, or put it, watching the girl on the package of stockings, dry up. Came to the factory, love remains the same, time I saw the shape of a highly transparent legs silk stockings are hanging on, some new, remove the hide in locker rooms of the board finish, and wash, then back into the original position Now think of it, regret it took a pair of very senior in the long stockings. It is worth mentioning that, once our unit on the socks off a young woman to take a bath, I used to look, wow! Is a two in the traditional black mesh stockings, and quickly, the feeling is there not the same as the previous Unfortunately, time was tight, and found no place, lack of job, think of all regret, you know, until today, I never come into contact with black mesh stockings, I do not know when we can find it, alas!
With the vision of open, I know the best partner silk stockings - suspenders, high heels are the invention of foreigners, I would like stockings and garters is their masterpiece of nature, our ancestors did not already under the "clever tricks and wicked craft, to Wyatt woman," the thesis. Imagine: a young woman or girl sets only a pair of black lace stockings, socks pulled high Debu, only one point in the knees, while a thin line of black ribbon hanging in socks, looking at the big top block off the thigh of snow white and delicate embroidered black socks edge, how do you feel? Anyway, I die!
As for the later emergence of the pantyhose, I feel in general, and sometimes looking at a woman's stockings feet to imagine her wearing skirts pantyhose or stockings, but also the chance to prove interesting.
Feet stockings enthusiasts like the U.S., most appreciate is the stocking through the thin as onion skin that obscure visibility of the toes, adorable, can not help but want to feel good, like licking. In my humble opinion, whether you admit it or not.