Cherished the beautiful legs

* When the sky becomes the endless haze, rain rain, I would think that the 29th floor window, there was still lingering in my mind, cherished the beautiful legs. Things have to go back two years ago, I was in charge of a star hotel to do, not long after starting work, I found the hotel business center, a girl secretly like me, she was not pretty thoroughly, there is no that makes me feel love at first sight, but she has an innocent and refined temperament and a devil figure, short hair, big eyes, a pair of talking and a pair of slender white stockings legs, and especially in her legs She dressed in gray uniforms, wearing flesh-colored stockings good texture, the kind of people simply can not resist the fatal attraction, and I have had a good impression on her, but I already have a girlfriend, and is also a unit colleagues, so I can avoid her purposely, in order to avoid misunderstanding. But I can not think of that, so far, I found she not only has not gone away, but rather is constantly looking for opportunities to * close to me, and intentionally or unintentionally, spread everywhere, and she has been my good rumors, even deliberately made in front of close to my move, it makes me for nothing more than a lot of trouble, I gradually losing the good opinion of her, replaced by an inexplicable angry.

Finally one day I could not resist rushing into the business center to make it clear to her, but I never thought that she spoke up before me: "Wait for me after work, okay? I would like to find a place and talk to you. "I acquiesced, anyway, I said something to her, look at her what to say. She got off work to see if the time is 23:30, and where to go about it? "Go to 29th floor it." Hotel is a 29th floor, storage room, and I happen to have the key to the warehouse. Warehouse surprisingly quiet night, some of which are all linen and room supplies, warehouse, in front of a huge bay window, window is very low, before the knee point, but it is enough to have one meter wide, here is my opinion, all hotel is the best place to view the city night. She locked the door. "

What you say, speak." "Do not talk right? With me." Then she took my hand and came to the window, she somehow stood in the window, allows the stay below, and then she the are facing me, and I looked at her, do not understand what she meant. Just then, she suddenly solved dress buttons, skirt down her legs slipped, falling on her heels. I stared, I did not expect such a move she would, without reservation, to show her legs in front of me, my face and she was so close, I can even smell the incense of her body . "Nice?" She suddenly asked. I was silent and did not answer her, I do not know how to answer. She grabbed my hand, my hand slowly posted on her smooth slender thighs, back and forth to guide me up and down stroke. Window only starlight, moonlight, and the luminous city, in this little bit of light, I saw her legs, her stockings, I can not believe my eyes. Flesh-colored tights, her eyes constantly revealing an attractive fragrance, I could not help my face slowly * past her stockings, attached to her lower abdomen, I would hold her hand while legs, I could hear her heart beat, can smell her taste, it is a girl stockings unique aroma and smell of a mixture of physiological odor. I, blood began to swell. I rushed to the window, clinging to her, kissed her crazy, and my hand Henhen fullness in her hips on the random touching, palms and the grinding sound of her stockings is that I can not to control my desire.

I slowly let her lie on the windowsill, I just want a good look at, touch her legs, her stockings. I finally know how beautiful her legs, the United States is not party material. She is wearing a uniform again, but ordinary shoes, but her bare feet are so soft, so graceful curve, and I unable to control their impulses, won her feet while wildly kissing, that The unique smell of girl's feet to make me so intoxicated. Her stockings wrapped tightly in her lap, as if a layer of the skin's natural, it is already one of the beautiful legs is too curvy outline, slender straight. I take off her jacket and shirt, her body only underwear, stockings and shoes had. I suddenly found that girls are not naked is beautiful, and now in front of me is really the best. One minute, a quarter of an hour, an hour, I was so constantly kissing and caressing, she is lying on the windowsill so quietly, we completely forgot what to do today, only to hear my hand gently and her stockings friction sound, the sky outside the window start * haze, but it began to rain, to rain, between heaven and earth exudes endless melancholy atmosphere, and only a trace of soft light now in the 29th floor ledge of a gently spread in her body, scattered in her lap, were scattered in her stockings on ... ...
although we ultimately did not come together, and she resigned shortly after, but that the 29th floor window still my frequented the place because there left an unique atmosphere, it is the breath of stockings ... ...

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