My uncle stockings

My uncle has been very edge of stockings stockings stories we like to see, today I Laijiang Jiang own stockings story is true, it probably is the thing that made me stockings, especially with soldiers from an inextricable plot. f? I) k8M it is still a child, one day at a relatives house for dinner. in which a military uncle, long very handsome, very much a man. He said stomach problems after eating, I went to bed to help him with his massage. to the bed, he lying down, asking me to help him put off his shoes, his feet moved to the bed, when he wore a pair of brown nylon stockings (as if the impression is), very big feet. He said he rubbed his feet first to help me because of that, no feeling of stockings, it is so silly as he was asked rubbing. After a while, he said, off the stockings the re-kneading, I slowly off his stockings, put on one side, then rub the foot. about ten minutes, he said almost, so I used to rub his belly, and I climbed up beside him, with little hands rubbing his stomach, he said to me a little hope that the next twist, finished to look with my hands pushed under, seem to have touched the hair was feeling, and specifically did not touch him there I can not remember . to preserve the memory of these many, will never seen him since, I have that experience to remember. sometimes wonder whether he has love feet, has been in touch with him if the nice ah.


I am so excited

Content: black eyes, white dress, gray stockings, this is my girl in front of me after the first feeling. I am really excited, I have been very few streets. Once there is no way, my girlfriend have to accompany her water and soil, I had obeyed the. To the supermarket I have no energy. Suddenly, a girl carrying a basket into the supermarket, my eyes finally lit. The girl looks very cute, beautiful and with a bit playful, big, black eyes and very God. The spirit of me the most is that she was a white dress, reveals a pure atmosphere, slender thighs wrapped in gray stockings, even more attractive thigh and temptation. I took a girlfriend, always with her, I pick things while patiently while staring at this beautiful girl. Close to my ears, my girlfriend said: “I went to buy something over there!” I nodded. I know she went to the female counter, and let me have a chance to just one person close to the girl! Girlfriend left me a step nearer, the girl stopped in front of a shelf, and looked at the chocolate on the shelves a daze. I think the opportunity comes, I’m behind her, bent down, close her legs looked closely at her beautiful legs. A bit of fat and no legs, well proportioned. I looked up along the calf and thigh in the dress in the swing with her naughty body looming, with the thickness of the thigh and calf very simply perfect! But for reason to overcome, I really want to touch it. Suddenly she took a step back, bent down to see something lower, tilt her ass, dress being slowly lifted her ass to her thighs are a little bit to show in front of me, I was almost going to look That layer of tights to wear. Finally, I saw her wearing pants stockings, with no wires and hook the ball, would also seem to buy a new. I’m one step behind with the girl, turned a shelf, I saw my favorite assortment of merchandise – silk stockings. Careful selection of the girl with stockings, did not find my trailing. She picked up a few packs of pants stockings, I thought this girl liked the original stockings it! I was about to take care to see her body over what brand to buy, and suddenly heard behind the sentence: “Hey! What are you doing it!” I’m scared of a cold sweat. Looked back, this time over ~ ~ it was my girlfriend, she was staring at the eyes at me. I panic, the girl looked at me, I was panicked! A girlfriend came up to me, I stood there out of ideas. Suddenly someone back into my hand a packet, I saw turned out to be a bag of stockings. I carefully think this is not just the girl to get it?! ~ ~ Day of that! ! She actually saved me at this time! ! I could not believe myself. I took the stockings of his girlfriend, said: “I’ve come to pick your stockings. You look like?” My girlfriend immediately becomes clear day, and said softly: “hate! Who told you to buy!!” I heart finally landed it! I looked back to find that girl, she was gone, I looked at her back, saying silently: “Thank you, beautiful girl stockings!” My girlfriend nestling in my arms, said: “Let’s go back, Today I am wearing stockings look good look good!? go…


Sister’s stockings next door feet

She smiled at me and laugh like I am very inexplicable heart. I Xinyi Heng, like, have happened anyway, regret has been difficult to restore the pieces, mostly about how I go to the next round that I in an extremely embarrassing situation. back to thinking about her stockings foot massage course, I seem to have been drilled in the trap to her, that is from after I went into her house has been restricted in a passive position, if you want save embarrassment only change from passive to active, well, you can try. think of here, I’m cool with what thoughts, coughed, in order to ease what was embarrassing situation. Then I change from passive to active the key step pieces, and I first rushed her smile, I laugh the laugh she were to even more profound with Meaning, this laugh that she flew into a panic about the layout (which is then she told me, when I do not know.) smiled after I said, you are very bad ah. she was a rip off – I’m terrible?? I say you have very clever ah, she said, what do you mean? I picked up her foot in her mouth about said, you do not want me. She said I did not, I say you have, and now you do not want your foot out of my hand break, to prove that you want me to continue. She completely random the ground, struggled to his feet busy start break free from my hands. (I seem to have been from passive to active) I clutched her feet, since you want to tell me why this idea in order to deceive me into the set of ah. her head down without a word, people are no longer struggling, let me Mosa Zhao her stockings feet. For a time we were both quiet down, the room only me and her breathing The difference is that my only slight calm her a little bit short. Although we did not say anything, but my mind But she did not idle, because of my curiosity, I would like to know the opposite sex so much she how chose me. Go ahead, I asked her if she likes me directly what point, she said. anyway, long after it, so you are afraid to ask my hand, do not you dare say you, huh, huh. I say you What kind of stockings like to wear? She said she did not like to wear stockings, I said that you wear. her little blush a bit, saying it was wearing me. I said how was I to see it through, she I said to her attention for a long time, every time I see her always wearing stockings to her feet when the harsh Kanji Yan (not so obvious, and I thought my casual glances do not cause women what the child’s attention), but she did not wear stockings very lazy when I went to see. I will face her feet on the edge of stockings gently Mosa Zhao, while enjoy the gentle but creamy with a sense of stockings my foot sensory stimulation, while trying to hand down her leg upward extension. really disappointed, first came to give her thigh block. She blushed, said this today not in my plan. I stop hand with a cry of doubt taste Oh, look at her. I like to see a woman shy expression, because I feel shy when a woman is only beautiful. She saw me watching her change the subject to ask busy me, boys like girls wearing sexy stockings feet? I said no, I think the only real man will have elegant intelligence. She shallow laugh, ask me what Ya Love? Love * I say it is refined , and only really know how to appreciate the beauty of people would have such qualities. She winked at me, it seems hard to understand me. I explained that people really know how to appreciate the beauty of the whole United States and the United States rather than a single, now Most people focus only on one see the United States, while ignoring the continuation of the United States, the foot is continued, the United States. generally look at a person is looked at from head to toe, imagine a girl wearing a very particular fashion, But bare feet can be, if her foot is very beautiful it is the best, and can be a real girl with perfect feet there are many? stockings, it has the advantage of concealed defects foot, which is why a taste of men like to see a woman wearing stockings feet’s sake. She laughed and said, So you’re the type with refined taste love the man * and myself. I said if you think so, I am. said I suddenly thought of this point, asked her why she would go feet perfume, perfume, she said people would be paralysis of brain, will make people’s will can not control their limbs. Oh, so it is, quite careful thought, oh. I said, like I kiss your feet stroke, she said I’m so disgusting, and then nodded. I asked her to kiss my feet when the legs of her stockings, plain Yuzu, fetish stockings, plain old high heels, plain bra underwear, stockings flavor, flavor items. fetishism, love the foot, legs, Yuzu, old underwear, high heels.