The temptation black lace stocking uniform model Liyan Xi

Zhang Wan-You hot body even behind Argentina

In China, known as the South American powerhouse Argentina Pampas Eagle team, has a very broad fan base. Especially in 1986, Diego Maradona's miraculous performances, but also won the love of many fans in China. Zhang Wan-You are a model "A fan", in order to force the team to win the top Argentina, Argentina, Zhang Wan-You wear uniforms, and training from the Argentine soccer team football for the embodiment of Baby, she said: "The 24-year failure to win the tangle, MA La Duona when the coach, and hope that the legend of the strong, the glory of victory in this year.

CBA Basketball Baby stocking Legs Hotel Self


Greece Sasaki of Japan's most hot model's Legs photo

Japanese magazine Queen model Sasaki Nozomi  latest photo to Greece Legs mainly Sasaki hope to sweet OL, youth fashion modeling, first-hand demonstration of legs photo ...

Sexy stockings Legs beautiful picture series

A survey research shows that most men actually noticed the first glance is not beautiful breasts, but legs and face, therefore, has a pair of slender legs is undoubtedly one of the important basis for beauty!


Super Mario: sexy stockings beauty into poor old guy

Japanese sexy beauty play Final Fantasy 7 Goddess of pedicle COS

In the "Final Fantasy 7" as the female lead played the pedicle (Tifa), sexy beauty, wisdom, courage, strength in one, can be described as perfect, so it is the highest number of male players on the "Goddess" in the world.

Recently, a Japanese named Aira's coser style with their own interpretation of a set of Tifa's cosplay


"True Pure Sister" super photo limit exceeded

LeeBu sexy underwear of black lace photo

Ouyang Beini sexy stockings

Pop star temptation stockings Legs to show

Many men see a woman's position is the first stocking leg, so many people in the focus on how to build their slender legs, stockings is a good helper, to see how it is fashionable to upgrade it!

Taylor Momse
Undoubtedly the most representative of Taylor Momsen, a blonde with smoked makeup, focusing on her legs wide variety of stockings,
a simple little wild fishnet stockings, sexy stockings Diao Daiwa and the bud is the most popular.


Agyness Deyn
Although Agyness Deyn a black short hair, clothes, posture tomboy, she was wearing stockings over style appearance in the bud to participate in House of Hollan stockings series "House of Holland Tights x Pretty Polly" the release activities, her classic England line dress, especially the lovely pair of stockings patterns, immediately attract the audience attention.

Lily Allen
Lost runaway school girls, sexy woman tacky burden, rebellious type of female images spontaneously. Quickly take notes, such as Lily Allen's dress, holds many lessons for garter is the king.


Shi Liuyi half-naked stockings sexy football baby

Name: Shi Liuyi
English name: Vivian
Area: Mainland
Occupation: Model
Birthday: September 26, 1986
Astrological Sign: Libra
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: O type
Measurements: 86 58 87

chinese Football Baby of Mixed race girl show

Big breast  Football Baby of Mixed race girl sexy thong show

Baby Jiang Yihan mixed football after 90, female, models, singers, film and television actor, Korean hybrid. She was born in artistic family, her "The Promise of the World," "Lovely Lolita" and so many different styles, have become the focus of discussion, so she was not his debut as a "sexy leader" in the title.

Japanese Cowboy street "prostitutes" Secret life of the whole

In Japan there is a profession called Cowboy, Cowboy primarily to provide a variety of sexual services of women, because Cowboy is allowed in Japan, so many places in Japan Cowboy street. Of course, in this business has some future, more than the male lead in the AV is that they play these people. Once the election may go lucky. But their work is very hard
Chinese men and women eat soft food that is shameful behavior is different from Japanese men believe that male prostitute is a professional, female customer satisfaction is to realize the value of their life, so they are very dedicated, about forty thousand dollars a month income Well done more.

Cowboy appears to be very friendly and between, but the competition is fierce. Legend of a game to please the guests,
The identity of the guests generally stay at the Cowboy Club, one can not exceed 30 minutes. Go after the selection of their favorite Cowboy POP Counter, the most expensive bottle of seven points, eight hundred thousand yen in the red wine, a drink that is left after 20 minutes of the most discerning traveler. Occasionally there is a twice a month, bring a 7,8 5,6 personal spending one million yen, after three hours to leave the carnival!
Whether the common people gathered ordinary "Izakaya", or senior high society to patronize clubs, nightclubs, and Japanese-style pavilion, staged every day in different stories.

Cowboy nightclub have been trained, from the cigarette lighter, pouring, folding towels to chat etiquette are quite demanding, pay attention to skills. Cowboy generally talk in the store and you drink, you can not take him out.

Cowboy popular monthly income of ten million yen or more, excluding them from the hands of the guests received jewelry and cars. From this, Cowboy is indeed one of the easiest money-making career. Often found in the newspapers recently, many debt burdened by the male artist, has chosen Japan unveils sea, to start a Cowboy.

Really making the narrow life of transgender people in Thailand

Thailand is believed to transgender people around the world countries with the highest proportion, but also the purposes of sex change operations than any other place, so Thailand transgender community is also more tolerant attitude. The Thai government has legislation in 2009, men over the age of 20 can decide whether or degeneration.

Although Thai society in general "default" transgender people, but because information about modifying the transsexual gender identity cards and passports still in Congress, the motion was not adopted, so far, transgender people need to travel abroad and other activities of sex proved still many restrictions, legal status is not very clear.

Over the years, Thailand has been a major sex tourism destination in Asia. Many transgender people forced out of a variety of entertainment life stress, according to bar sales to laugh, but often can not guarantee quality of life of transgender people, so most if not prostitution as a young transsexual star the only way out. In some areas, prostitution transsexual prostitute more than the number of non-denatured more than.

Thai transsexual surgery often seek to obtain by the end of the recognition and improvement of living conditions, but because of limited financial resources, they often go to some small clinics in the surgery, leading to death or leave the body unable to repair wounds.

Transgender people, that walk the edge of mainstream society in the special group, is looking forward to more attention from society and the acceptance of ... ...

Beach Volleyball baby sexy dance with sexy bikini show

November 19, 2010, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Beach Volleyball baby sexy dance.