A pair of her sister stole highly transparent stockings embroidered short

[Love full news] brief history of my love socksLove of my stockings have been speaking about three years, during which experienced the excitement and satisfaction, stress and impulsive, extravagant hope and loss, has been suppressed in the hearts of love socks complex world is finally in this side - the Chinese love the foot area network literature to be a spit faster, now offer an apology, accept my gift enthusiasts hope.
I do not know when to begin from a woman like socks, I remember reading the first two days, in the way to and from school, renowned for wearing a flesh-colored or white stockings woman will stare at the eye does not blink of an eye, at the same time note a number, so walking to see the number of edges, if the small number, the left lane, to the number of people hanging in the window on the socks, then the standard of living is poor, can only see short stockings, and occasionally one or two pairs of short non- with stockings. To sleep, while both recall a day to see the stockings, while the small penis crawl in bed friction. Silk stockings slowly into my field of vision when open, which made me difficult to self-restraint. I have a downstairs Seventeen-year-old girl, put on a hot day like most white silk stockings lying on the aisle side of the Beach Chair nap, death is always a sock pulled her thighs a little, a wrapped into a circle faded to the ankle. I'm timid, not dare get in a word, but did not dare to touch, but to the toilet and down the stairs under the guise of a feast for a dozen times. Filled to the middle of the night to go **, good to see her family laundry pole, there is no wash down her socks, but never do so, and finally could not resist, her sister stole a pair of short stockings embroidered highly transparent, often put to play, with a very long time. Sometimes in the summer when people take a nap, to get people bold enough to dry the long stockings, doing about it down there more than ten pairs, all flesh, every hand extended past, all my heart pound, beating, like the arms hides the rabbit. In college, I also bought their own, the smell of the machines on the new socks smell, do not always feel comfortable through, or put it, watching the girl on the package of stockings, dry up. Came to the factory, love remains the same, time I saw the shape of a highly transparent legs silk stockings are hanging on, some new, remove the hide in locker rooms of the board finish, and wash, then back into the original position Now think of it, regret it took a pair of very senior in the long stockings. It is worth mentioning that, once our unit on the socks off a young woman to take a bath, I used to look, wow! Is a two in the traditional black mesh stockings, and quickly, the feeling is there not the same as the previous Unfortunately, time was tight, and found no place, lack of job, think of all regret, you know, until today, I never come into contact with black mesh stockings, I do not know when we can find it, alas!
With the vision of open, I know the best partner silk stockings - suspenders, high heels are the invention of foreigners, I would like stockings and garters is their masterpiece of nature, our ancestors did not already under the "clever tricks and wicked craft, to Wyatt woman," the thesis. Imagine: a young woman or girl sets only a pair of black lace stockings, socks pulled high Debu, only one point in the knees, while a thin line of black ribbon hanging in socks, looking at the big top block off the thigh of snow white and delicate embroidered black socks edge, how do you feel? Anyway, I die!
As for the later emergence of the pantyhose, I feel in general, and sometimes looking at a woman's stockings feet to imagine her wearing skirts pantyhose or stockings, but also the chance to prove interesting.
Feet stockings enthusiasts like the U.S., most appreciate is the stocking through the thin as onion skin that obscure visibility of the toes, adorable, can not help but want to feel good, like licking. In my humble opinion, whether you admit it or not.

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