Duantong black stockings

Fetish, foot lovers, enthusiasts readme, original stockings, plain underwear, old stockings, lots of old underwear here there is a need, please QQ about. I have a classmate is Wang Jiao, he likes to wear black stockings Duantong, I carefully read every day in class. I sat in the last row so the teacher can not see what I'm doing, Wang Jiao position left sitting in front of me I see very clearly. She is very like sandals, and then there is the black stockings. I seriously look at her stockings feet very psychological lick want to Feel more like ... because of her feet and toes looked great, I watched a bit like planes, so the school for massage together with the clothes of a block is not visible to others, over the last 3 minutes to vent it out, who knows, I accidentally shot in her sportswear pants, but fortunately she did not know the class the next day ... she was wearing the same stockings, the same sandals are very sexy, she sat at the end of this transposition in the middle of a row of surface Li Lin and just sit with her, I suddenly had an idea. English class, I deliberately sat next to Li Lin, so you can more clearly see her feet clear, silent word of English classes on the bit-dong Li Lin put the book he wanted to cheat, and I take this opportunity to see that the lower body This book I actually want to see Wang Jiao of stockings feet, do not know how going Wang Jiao deliberately feet on the bench let me see, my heart burst of joy, I put his head away from her lower legs and a bit from when I smell the smell of her feet, a little bit of fragrance of course, mixed with the smell of her, but the smell is not great, but the light, anyway, is good news ... I'm straight trousers immediately inside the ... very straight up, like Wang Jiao alert, and then she looked at me and smiled, I was on a sweat, go back to his place. Afternoon, Li Lin did not come home, something happens, too lucky, I can have this opportunity to sit next to Wang Jiao. I still like looking at her feet as usual, but when she found me looking at her feet and then said to me, "Do you like my feet ah? Doing to my feet always look ah ~." Her blush ... and then I did not speak, I looked to her feet straight below me .... This time Wang Jiao curled his legs to put the right leg left leg I sat her on the right side, so I very boldly go her feet that smell to go ~ ~ ~ ~ Wang Jiao said nothing of her face seems to have red bouncing ... my heart jump, I decided to go to kiss, and she seemed to be aware of, and then drag out the sandals, she said nervously, "to give to, you do not want to smell you smell Well ~ fill," she said, so I'm even more boldly go directly to the pro, is simply too cool, and her stockings flavor and taste are very good feet smell, and I kept the up to lick, lick from her toes and soles of the feet of her licking back and forth, she seems so cool finish after the way .... I "I would lick the next.! haha ~" she blush. That should be whispered to the "Ace ~ ~ anthracene" things at home want to think of *** the afternoon

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