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The taste of sweet and sexy, low-key tone with lace embellishment. In terms of materials and accessories, the designers for the "sexy and extravagant" painstaking interpretation of the theme, always convey a publicity gorgeous, Gracya underwear will give you 2010 hot sexy surprise. Gracya full interpretation of fashion lingerie in the same time, young women have never lost sight of skin care, soft cotton, lace really smooth, so elegant and noble qualities that began to freeze in their possession, distribution of the most touching women The temptation!


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Barcelona A Feilai girlfriend Duo Lian - Rose, is a name widely known in the Netherlands Yan super model. Angelina has a piece exactly like Jack - Julie's face, coupled with the devil sexy body, so Duo Lian - Rose in 2004, has become the annual Dutch history as the first Playboy girl, presumably with the A Feilai the arrival of the Nou Camp in the stands will certainly add more "star. "

Dancers Tita - Cervantes strippers show

The world's most famous stripper Tita - Cervantes once again shaping the classic Cervantes, 13 at the Roxy Theatre on the evening she had a Live Flesh striptease show. She has performed at the Erotic Expo rich in ancient Chinese style of the strip, but this time she dressed up as the classic Victorian ladies, put on make women become extremely slim waist, and form a "funnel " shape of the tight Clothing.