Buy a strange woman's socks

Buy buy strange socks women's socks Unknown Woman (fine) in May last year when I went low a city in Zhejiang, at about 11 o'clock when I accidentally went to a health food store, the owner is 30 years old about the young woman, wearing black shoes and stockings paragraph, I was kind of mind to thinking about how socks can get their hands on her feet, because no acquaintances in the field, I entered the store pretending to look at some of the first masturbation, then I expected which she asked me, I asked her if she had a woman's underwear or socks, she says she is not here, I say I come from Guangzhou, where we are in This store had the woman's underwear and socks sold through, she said she did not know, but her shop you do not, so I pretended to look relatively disappointing about, or what we are there for all, read something else and then pretend, I summoned the courage of the female boss is just crisp you sell me your sock, and I give you 30 dollars, and she looked at me surprised that you want me What socks? I said you do not ask, and then I took out 30 dollars on the counter and urged her to hurry up, and she quickly took the money entrusted to two stockings down, I was heart would jump out, she loaded me with a plastic bag up, I got the back of the hand quickly to my hotel, opened the bag and took out to smell a bit, a slightly acid, as well as leather and sweat taste, but also damp,...

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