China can not be said that the secret of flight attendants

Is everyone's commonly known as flight attendants, said the objective should be the crew of the stocking women, because the separation of Civil Aviation of China 92 years, and then appears unprecedented development, many of those years were recruited crew, so generally younger, but definitely not a big crew most people think, "young rice", their son had some college, and pilot the same.
They have a physical examination every year, in addition to recruiting high threshold that, other than strict medical examination, after an annual medical examination is very easy, the project also can be a lot less, as long as the annual medical clearance, you can always fly to a certain age generally are not medically cleared to fly The are usually two cases, one he does not want done, then there are to leadership positions!
Start with the macro sense, because the crew this career has always been low-tech job, no high culture, but the airline needs to recruit a crew to maximize the benefits, so the starting age for recruitment is usually 18 years, previous also recruited over 16 years of age.
Usually, after passing a medical training in the designated place in the CAA can posts a few months, so the cultural level of the regular crew are generally high school, secondary school, there are junior high school, they are generally cultural quality is very low, so-called "foreign language will be a few countries "You're welcome to say, with very few people who work very hard to continue efforts to have the following possible, I is not seen nor heard of, most can be in English only to ask good, or that this is the result of months of training duck. Say more, Oh, listen, that is, do not understand.Crew this career is a big vat, usually the process of dyeing is out of the airport before the flight crew on board, because the unit is usually a flight out together, so the flight attendant with the implementation of the car began to Competition in the unit, and other women than are bristling over their income and livelihood are all very human match, but they are a cross between the very description of a problem than there is no culture of quality, no background ratio, than what? Than cosmetics, more than her husband, than her in-laws.
Sometimes the flight crew to perform the evening is to spend the night in other cities, often rest for a night to domestic flights and two nights (one week abroad or even longer) and then fly back, in order to facilitate management, the unit is often living in a hotel ampere a few adjacent rooms, this simple called "night crew", the story is the most time in the night, the company arranged the beds are often empty, and the other bay room for them nothing.
A little bit handsome pilot who often spend the night back to declaring that "cut" the what, and sometimes some small wife, of course, we all know what to do, are in a company, will take into account the impact each other.
Not despise this career, but revenue deformity caused some of them than the quality of people's sorrow.
Example above is absolutely true.In a branch of a major airline which has hundreds of flight attendants, one of six people in English, four less than ten, and can have four levels of English teachers can do it!
Elsewhere, places they know best for adjusting a discipline - and for the regular plane fly Well, they can very well understand the situation where the duty-free shops, where the best cosmetics, once there is a pilot to fly United States, seeking its first crew with eight tennis racket, estimated that the sister who do professional athletes, and so tired of this pilot, but also because it is an acquaintance girlfriend, and inconvenience to say, that the pilot said, like his own if girlfriend, he passed a hand fan.
Also to his belt, such as bleaching cream (do not know what to do with, the legend is on the MIMI). Other aspects of common sense, too poor, and a company of the popular office computer, to each aircrew are open online account, you can see their accounts directly and income classes, the beginning of running, a lot of people know that they account and password, but do not know how to fill out, in fact, the landing procedure and any BBS or Web site about the entrance, and those young people in their twenties, actually it will not, usually the reason they are busy, but think about many of those busy than their employees can study the TOEFL test, I really do not know what they are busy.
Even the most basic tools of social contacts are not! I really do not understand why they could get the income of airlines after pilots, many skilled jobs such as maintenance, dispatch did not seem fair, the typical state-owned enterprises posture, brain the body upside down, and maintenance and often have to bear the great dispatch responsibility! This quality, and some restaurants Duan Panzi of migrant women is almost nothing more than people not on the plane, the income is 300 plus Baochibaozhu, they on the plane, the pilot may be that they stick the light up every time the pilot income They follow the dip of the flight crew is light, with the rise, no pilot most of the views of high income, people with high technical content of work, responsibility.
What we do not want to say high risk, it is not culture, do not believe that technology, then work on the plane because security is far greater than the distance the car, the danger is much lower than many professional society.
Speaking of life, huh, huh, said more bluntly, what kind of quality standards to decide what kind of life, not your money, get more problems. Or just said has left the office inside, the first crew (some years), half of the marriage.
Of them, flight attendants have a high income, high social status and men in society in general into their discernment is difficult, basically dignitaries financial skills, often to see the crew with big shots, this can not be the first generation of wealthy entrepreneurs , and if that second-generation son of Columbia, and some well-known athletes is their choice, such as Fan Zhiyi wife is the crew, but Fan Zhiyi is what we should all know the main bar, gambling, gambling to the 2002 World Cup team to sell the ball he Dugan The.
However, the quality of their own and they have put in there, a man and they spend some time to boring, because some people can exchange and their addition to the liquid, there was no other has. The crew usually candid encounter her husband, the subject is to be honest we all play each. The end result is the best crew met a pilot, although many pilots are also helping them, but the first law of education is too often the pilot, two systems also have a certain discipline is not social status, will take into account the impact of the three is always flying, busy Not to mention, even if the circumstances, the event also made mostly in the field of Health, mostly hidden!

Real stewardess stockings

Air China yesterday, the plane ride home, ha ha ha! ! !Sexy stockings can see flight attendants have been very happy, but yesterday I actually got a pair of super-original, even with plain sexy stockings stewardess! ! ! !Aircraft in level flight, the flight attendants were sent to out to the passengers hydrated meal, I just sat in an aisle location. In front of a flight attendant on his back to the visitors of my hair coke, do not care just opened a bottle of Coke to take cover slip, and Coke bottle vertical fall to the ground, suddenly rushed about Coke and a 1M tall, flying to on the other passengers around him Dounong, and then the bottle fell on the ground on this leg of flight attendants that were there also sprayed a lot of skirts. I was shocked to see picked up, the results of which were flight attendants in front of the flight attendants said with a sigh (presumably the first one is to let her hair go back and wipe her.) It returned to the service name between the flight attendants back inside, After a child, as I sat in the plane than on the list after the place, I suddenly found that she took a pair of stockings have not unwrapped the new aircraft into the back of the toilet inside. Suddenly my mind was simply overjoyed ah!After about five minutes over the way, it is estimated the beauty inside the flight attendant who spilled the Coke rub a bit, and put on a cool new sexy stockings. When she came out, I immediately entered the bathroom, but fortunately there was no other passengers waiting at the door to the toilet. After I looked into and found below the sink waste paper bin is lost, the door has a lock, I opened, which has a trash, I put the trash out to one, on the surface of quiet lay one pair of curly dark gray pants sexy stockings, I was called a heart beat fast!I gently picked up, or warm, sexy stockings, but also with body temperature, the end of the socks smell a bit on the nose, there seems to share faint smell of perfume accompanied the end of fragrance incense and feet. Of course, but also shares cola taste, I immediately took a few dry paper to hard to wipe off the top of the cola, sexy stockings suddenly dried up,Shuangsi me, it was like for socks estimated lifetime friends, life is hard and even experienced a few things I do ah.


My girlfriend is a flight attendant

My girlfriend is a former flight attendant. Long very beautiful,she is a china sexy girls but also graduated!This is in their line is quite rare.She is a graduate of East China Normal University English Department, because parents are carriers of the leadership, just the company's first year graduate course on flight attendants move, so she came.By the way, my mother in the airline, the two of us in the person of the company is also known.Her temperament is very good, plus the impact of the family may be highly educated because of it.I think for girls, and temperament is more important than looks. Oh, off the subject.Think about it, was really happy ah.I was just graduate school, she just graduated, was young and carefree.However, if the two of us did not do anything much to do. I love it too, and even a pair of legs of her obsession.Kogan, especially sexy stockings legs and sandals to wear when the creature is simply a natural ah. Mixed with a touch of her body fragrance, really want to go pro one.The smell of her very charming, is a mixture of perfumes and body odor, just let me thrilled, especially after flying back in every time.Unfortunately, I will be up to kiss her lips, the other is not capable, not daring to do.Do not know if you have no such experience, the girl in front of a noble temperament and sometimes are ashamed that they have indecent thoughts, huh, huh.But Heaven must be a way, the key moment comes soon.Once, about June, she came back out of crew, did not change (flight attendants wear uniforms) went to the hospital to find me.I forgot to tell you that I work in the hospital, huh, huh. That twisted her feet, and want me to take her to orthopedic look.At that time my heart jumped up to thump thump.This is a great opportunity ah.I said to her, you go to my lab, I'll give you a look. She said, yes, anyway, you also learn surgery.I held her to my lab, so she sat on the bed.This bed is a temporary borrowed cots, too late to prepare for experimental use in this night, went to graduate students who probably have experience, huh.She said the food cupboard in the machine when things get accidentally twisted his foot did not feel anything at that time, the next machine after that foot pain, walking uncomfortable.I said, I can help you take off the shoes and socks, take a look.She said, Well, you have to tap Yeah, I Haoteng's. I said do not worry, how do I get my baby bear to hurt it.Her left foot up, I crouched in front of her, the smell of her body fragrance faint, and my heart feel very warm.The company sent her shoes, and flat black shoes half-Kogan. To be honest, I do not like this style of shoes.My left hand holding her slender ankles, his right hand gently slipped the shoes on her feet, incidentally touched her on the rounded heel, huh, huh.Good quality of girls stockings legs, when her crew out to buy in Japan, is the flesh-colored pantyhose translucent, touch in the hands of a very soft, silk stockings than similar domestic feel much better.I pretended to see her feet, moving their faces to her Yuzu is a few inches before the place, secretly breathe the smell of her feet.It was a hint of fragrance mixed with a very light foot sour, so my little DD involuntary stood tall, I am glad I squat on the ground, not only exposed the ugly.I pressed her hand ankle, got about her feet, and asked how she felt.She said that a move to hurt, but you can own activities. I said all right, is a soft tissue contusion.She asked how to do, I said I give you a cold look, give you a massage massage, she looked at me with deep feeling: "Thank you, very kind of you."In fact, Oh, I thought the name of a small side of course, thinking friends.I found an ice bag in the refrigerator, in fact, medical rubber hand is a catchy bar set in the fridge, Sheung Shui, Dong Zhuo.I put ice packs on the back of her ankle with his right hand to massage her feet and ankles, in fact, more so in Holothuria and stockings rubbing her, huh, huh.Call it a day, then went on to write a reply.Oh, I write all my own experience can really do ah.


Chongqing University, "stockings army"

Chongqing University, "stockings legs army" can not stand boys criedChongqing, universities, stockings, Army, MopWith cooler temperatures in recent days in Chongqing, the turn of autumn and summer college girls stockings legs did not stop the wind. University in the Southwest, and even some girls have formed a "stockings Corps." Girls dressed in purple, black, fishnet sexy stockingslegs and even walking around the campus. This allows many college boys exclaimed: "Really can not stand it!." Education cocoa users post ridicule it said: "These days in school, dangling in front is full of tights, stockings, miniskirts, directly affect the activity of neurons in the brain responses that are slower than usual a few seconds, "issued on the post drew a hot friends.
Girl: I am the master of beautiful

"We feel good to wear stockings, no matter how others see us." Like a small thank stockings (a pseudonym) said.
Xie said the small, Chongqing hot in summer, mainly Figure cool stockings. As to whether to attract boys, sexy Competition when other factors such as the small Xie said, "This is not the main purpose."
When a reporter asked, "stockings Army", the small Xie said the girls had heard of this organization, but specifically where the member is one who will not clear. "May just love it stockings girls having fun."
Boys: learn with, before being sexy
In response to this phenomenon, many boys They complained to reporters: "Some girls do not match the color and style of clothing, so wear stockings, the less sexy, KB surplus."
But there are boys that some china sexy girls wear very sexy, when walking on campus to win the high retention rates. "Not only cool, but also won the attention of others, it is estimated that the main reason it is popular stockings."
News & Media Institute, said Wang Ke, stockings look great, like the white is very good, but to learn with, not too far, or will only be counter boring.
Teacher: No interference in personal freedom
Many teachers of this phenomenon put forward their own views. Associate Professor Zhou Rui Wen said that this was a matter of personal freedom, without blame and criticism. However, Chou also expressed the hope that a lot of girls have been able to strengthen their own culture, so that the dissemination of the United States from the inside out.