Tailemosen Winter Bad Girl Style

Remember the singer Madonna in the street shortly before the hand of a beautiful girl with personality it? Yes, that is, Madonna as their own brand of clothing in the publicity photo shoot, but the model is just red "Gossip Girl", rock singer Tailemosen (Taylor Momsen)! Madonna even like the girl, style, super personality, uninhibited mix of biting words, a bit of action, good shows Madonna in the eyes of "bad" girl's Style!
Taylor Momsen in the past is full of girls clothing tease, this body is full leather with lace stockings wild!

Taylor Momsen  tight jacket, the looming little sexy, charm full force!

Waist lace decoration, the amount of your design style and a pink Waichuan Gothic Huaqun, and sexy and cute!

"Gossip Girl" after 90 G J girl punk sexy stocking dress

A former child star Little "J" in the "Gossip Girl" in the main character, although not the first, but certainly no less eye-catching degree of Queen B and S, especially in the dress, her exaggerated makeup and extremely smoky stockings sexy skirt punk dress, are distinctive. Madonna recently she was also phase, as its brand ambassador, fame.

Lace underwear stockings beauty show


Car Neiba Lei stockings beauty show

Water plants in the exhibition to see the crowds. Botanical Garden has always been quiet, not seen so many people crowd in here, quite curious about the contents of the onlookers.
Approached was discovered that a group of bikers Sega riders engaged in activities. A vehicle Sega, wiping is really sharp, really exceptionally eye-catching colors mix together. Sega in particular, that bike blue, and white Sega, especially beautiful.