A pair of stockings to hang in their front windowsLove

 In my life, my first pair of stockings, my stolen, ha ha, I believe that many enthusiasts are like this come of it. Remember it was 10 years ago, and I also live in the cottage, my neighbors, lived in a unit of three little girl, said to the little girl, than I am, ah, ha ha, but also can not remember who is, anyway, that day to see a pair of white stockings, and now want to open, is the kind of very common stockings, or the traditional long, it is not the kind of flexibility, but at the time, to see such stockings have been very satisfied. have not seen the light of what wanted how to get that day, the opportunity came, and now want to open, or very risky, ha ha day, they went to work, I play in the yard, they inadvertently saw the room, in fact, is to see, ha ha, see the pair of stockings to hang in their windows before the rope, away from the windows close, that is big summer, windows open, just off the screens, can be chosen on their screens have a large hole, ha ha, indeed God has eyes, ah, I'm eyeballing a bit, puts his hand to get, I pretended to play, to find time to finally come when no one in the yard, I ran fast, reaching the heart told me to put a pair of long stockings dragged his hand, ran back fast his own room, can one room, a look, silly, and how is a ah, ha ha, just so excited, did not look pulled one back, how do?? to go back, okay, back to into the yard in a circle, no one, and again ran fast, got, back, all right now, and finally complete, ha ha. in his hand, a close look, then look at, that is, fetish, ah, feeling, good smooth, ah, can now think of the feeling that time has been the one, I especially like touch, touch, give me a lot of enjoyment, it may be formed at that time!!! stockings, slip through my hand, comfortable, ah, put, caress, comfort !!!!!!!!! for the first time, it is so you have conquered!!!.

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