My girlfriend is a flight attendant

My girlfriend is a former flight attendant. Long very beautiful,she is a china sexy girls but also graduated!This is in their line is quite rare.She is a graduate of East China Normal University English Department, because parents are carriers of the leadership, just the company's first year graduate course on flight attendants move, so she came.By the way, my mother in the airline, the two of us in the person of the company is also known.Her temperament is very good, plus the impact of the family may be highly educated because of it.I think for girls, and temperament is more important than looks. Oh, off the subject.Think about it, was really happy ah.I was just graduate school, she just graduated, was young and carefree.However, if the two of us did not do anything much to do. I love it too, and even a pair of legs of her obsession.Kogan, especially sexy stockings legs and sandals to wear when the creature is simply a natural ah. Mixed with a touch of her body fragrance, really want to go pro one.The smell of her very charming, is a mixture of perfumes and body odor, just let me thrilled, especially after flying back in every time.Unfortunately, I will be up to kiss her lips, the other is not capable, not daring to do.Do not know if you have no such experience, the girl in front of a noble temperament and sometimes are ashamed that they have indecent thoughts, huh, huh.But Heaven must be a way, the key moment comes soon.Once, about June, she came back out of crew, did not change (flight attendants wear uniforms) went to the hospital to find me.I forgot to tell you that I work in the hospital, huh, huh. That twisted her feet, and want me to take her to orthopedic look.At that time my heart jumped up to thump thump.This is a great opportunity ah.I said to her, you go to my lab, I'll give you a look. She said, yes, anyway, you also learn surgery.I held her to my lab, so she sat on the bed.This bed is a temporary borrowed cots, too late to prepare for experimental use in this night, went to graduate students who probably have experience, huh.She said the food cupboard in the machine when things get accidentally twisted his foot did not feel anything at that time, the next machine after that foot pain, walking uncomfortable.I said, I can help you take off the shoes and socks, take a look.She said, Well, you have to tap Yeah, I Haoteng's. I said do not worry, how do I get my baby bear to hurt it.Her left foot up, I crouched in front of her, the smell of her body fragrance faint, and my heart feel very warm.The company sent her shoes, and flat black shoes half-Kogan. To be honest, I do not like this style of shoes.My left hand holding her slender ankles, his right hand gently slipped the shoes on her feet, incidentally touched her on the rounded heel, huh, huh.Good quality of girls stockings legs, when her crew out to buy in Japan, is the flesh-colored pantyhose translucent, touch in the hands of a very soft, silk stockings than similar domestic feel much better.I pretended to see her feet, moving their faces to her Yuzu is a few inches before the place, secretly breathe the smell of her feet.It was a hint of fragrance mixed with a very light foot sour, so my little DD involuntary stood tall, I am glad I squat on the ground, not only exposed the ugly.I pressed her hand ankle, got about her feet, and asked how she felt.She said that a move to hurt, but you can own activities. I said all right, is a soft tissue contusion.She asked how to do, I said I give you a cold look, give you a massage massage, she looked at me with deep feeling: "Thank you, very kind of you."In fact, Oh, I thought the name of a small side of course, thinking friends.I found an ice bag in the refrigerator, in fact, medical rubber hand is a catchy bar set in the fridge, Sheung Shui, Dong Zhuo.I put ice packs on the back of her ankle with his right hand to massage her feet and ankles, in fact, more so in Holothuria and stockings rubbing her, huh, huh.Call it a day, then went on to write a reply.Oh, I write all my own experience can really do ah.

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