Chongqing University, "stockings army"

Chongqing University, "stockings legs army" can not stand boys criedChongqing, universities, stockings, Army, MopWith cooler temperatures in recent days in Chongqing, the turn of autumn and summer college girls stockings legs did not stop the wind. University in the Southwest, and even some girls have formed a "stockings Corps." Girls dressed in purple, black, fishnet sexy stockingslegs and even walking around the campus. This allows many college boys exclaimed: "Really can not stand it!." Education cocoa users post ridicule it said: "These days in school, dangling in front is full of tights, stockings, miniskirts, directly affect the activity of neurons in the brain responses that are slower than usual a few seconds, "issued on the post drew a hot friends.
Girl: I am the master of beautiful

"We feel good to wear stockings, no matter how others see us." Like a small thank stockings (a pseudonym) said.
Xie said the small, Chongqing hot in summer, mainly Figure cool stockings. As to whether to attract boys, sexy Competition when other factors such as the small Xie said, "This is not the main purpose."
When a reporter asked, "stockings Army", the small Xie said the girls had heard of this organization, but specifically where the member is one who will not clear. "May just love it stockings girls having fun."
Boys: learn with, before being sexy
In response to this phenomenon, many boys They complained to reporters: "Some girls do not match the color and style of clothing, so wear stockings, the less sexy, KB surplus."
But there are boys that some china sexy girls wear very sexy, when walking on campus to win the high retention rates. "Not only cool, but also won the attention of others, it is estimated that the main reason it is popular stockings."
News & Media Institute, said Wang Ke, stockings look great, like the white is very good, but to learn with, not too far, or will only be counter boring.
Teacher: No interference in personal freedom
Many teachers of this phenomenon put forward their own views. Associate Professor Zhou Rui Wen said that this was a matter of personal freedom, without blame and criticism. However, Chou also expressed the hope that a lot of girls have been able to strengthen their own culture, so that the dissemination of the United States from the inside out.

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