Real stewardess stockings

Air China yesterday, the plane ride home, ha ha ha! ! !Sexy stockings can see flight attendants have been very happy, but yesterday I actually got a pair of super-original, even with plain sexy stockings stewardess! ! ! !Aircraft in level flight, the flight attendants were sent to out to the passengers hydrated meal, I just sat in an aisle location. In front of a flight attendant on his back to the visitors of my hair coke, do not care just opened a bottle of Coke to take cover slip, and Coke bottle vertical fall to the ground, suddenly rushed about Coke and a 1M tall, flying to on the other passengers around him Dounong, and then the bottle fell on the ground on this leg of flight attendants that were there also sprayed a lot of skirts. I was shocked to see picked up, the results of which were flight attendants in front of the flight attendants said with a sigh (presumably the first one is to let her hair go back and wipe her.) It returned to the service name between the flight attendants back inside, After a child, as I sat in the plane than on the list after the place, I suddenly found that she took a pair of stockings have not unwrapped the new aircraft into the back of the toilet inside. Suddenly my mind was simply overjoyed ah!After about five minutes over the way, it is estimated the beauty inside the flight attendant who spilled the Coke rub a bit, and put on a cool new sexy stockings. When she came out, I immediately entered the bathroom, but fortunately there was no other passengers waiting at the door to the toilet. After I looked into and found below the sink waste paper bin is lost, the door has a lock, I opened, which has a trash, I put the trash out to one, on the surface of quiet lay one pair of curly dark gray pants sexy stockings, I was called a heart beat fast!I gently picked up, or warm, sexy stockings, but also with body temperature, the end of the socks smell a bit on the nose, there seems to share faint smell of perfume accompanied the end of fragrance incense and feet. Of course, but also shares cola taste, I immediately took a few dry paper to hard to wipe off the top of the cola, sexy stockings suddenly dried up,Shuangsi me, it was like for socks estimated lifetime friends, life is hard and even experienced a few things I do ah.

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