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Li Juan cool the body, and I laugh chatting to Anna, it seems that children do not exist in general. Occasionally the child during her licked her mind that place substandard, she is Yang feet to kick, playing the children are so natural! Li Juan sitting posture change from time to time, the two children with her mouth, feet, or look down or straight body, head, or Yang, or the side, not Xieqi way to less attention to licking, too tired to sweat drip down along the face, do not 'm pumping hands rub. There are two straight to get the hours Oh, Li Juan only feet from the child his lips. "Okay." Li Juan toes in the next three points on his forehead Jenny Road. Three-four-ni-ni waiter Juan Li, who took over the other foot, four-ni on his palms on the ground, the three Ni to Li Juan's feet to the back gently on the four-ni, and then picked up off the high Li Juan heels and stockings downstairs. Two children did not think the effort really makes home licking feet Yeah, the Juan Li was cleared of foot tends the fresh and cool, far better than even clean and wash it! Li Juan feet to comfortably stand in the four-ni back, fully demonstrated in front of me. This is really two-Erotic swing soul of the creature ah! Foot slender Zhou Zheng, Yun-Shuang delicate, white and smooth, not fat nor thin, big toe and little toe is very smooth and not a little bit outside the protruding deformity; toes straight and plumb and sequential oblique angle formed by a beautiful shape; large If the bird head slightly cocked toe, full rounded toe with the other four lying silkworm; toenails all stay in the very long, painted black and red nail polish, jade piece pearl; feet into a nice gentle slope, curved foam soles of the feet, feet Thick crisp light, narrow heel vertical circle with a square cut, such as the lotus ankle Jiaobo convex. Right foot two, four silver toe ring wearing toe, left foot on his neck, wearing gold chains, his feet resting on the child back it seems so appropriate, step on the ground will make people feel distressed over the will ah ... ... end of the three children Jenny came in a purple brass basin, the basin of warm milk under half a grand. Then Erni kneeling over the Li Juan's feet back from the gently-ni won four, knelt beside the four-ni toward the kneeling slightly straight up, three pots will be on the sofa in front of Minnie. Erni Li Juan's feet will slowly into the pot to give careful carefully Nierou scrub, three and four-ni-ni will each take slender plastic tube inserted in the basin could not help blowing through your mouth, " Gulp, "the soles of the feet in the Li Juan and Ben make a lot of urgency around the foot of the bubble, Mosa Zhao Li Juan feet. Erni milk to wash a bowl will feel very hot, carefully took a hot water bottle inside along the basin edge to the heating water. Skilled children wash her feet, Li Juan is no need to explain, talking freely with me. She needs to do is to have the child where she intended to do better, and fly kicker kick a child. Erni to add hot water to the point Meng, Li Juan lifted his foot without any explanation, "lovemaking" to face is according to Erni through hard kick! "I'm sexy girl you want to burn yourself to death ah!" Erni not dodge Li Juan Yang Zhelian to kick, and then quietly went to the wash. Li Juan wash wash another foot on the TV drama was Erni head, the basin will Erni face Cairu hard to knock on the pelvic floor. "You're a dead girl! Cold, add some hot water you do not know, ah want to harm me sick!" Along Erni milk drip down his face, made her breast is, she did not dare to rub, to continue to look dull to give Li Juan wash. "Chief Chang could not understand some of you might treat a child like me, this I can understand, you say I look like a poor man forest plan a what? I want is a good number of children that he gave me a small handle girl wait on me! "Li Juan plausibly explained her behavior. "It is not my force them Yeah, I do not say a forest or even Guangxi woman forced the children themselves take the initiative to serve me. They dare not obediently serve me, you asked the woman willing to forest and Gui spare them? Said indeed, these wear my children to eat me, only right and proper that serve me, who told them what life cheap? Well do not want to wait on others that they have the ability to feed yourself, ah! "I who was the beauty of Li Juan that captured the hearts of the two are not offended that the layer between her brother, Juan Li married for three forest so disaffected men, four children who is really ugly that few people get a look at the material girl is to do handle So I do not think that doing what Juan Li excesses.

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