Her stockings

Her stockings enthusiasts readme, stockings stories, love stories ------ foot very early habit, look at when shopping around through the beauty. For one thing, look at their beautiful curves and stunning grace, by the way his girlfriend looks like imagine the future; two to occasionally look at their slender legs. I feel there are many incredible women show legs seem to have a thin layer of gauze, in the sun or light water spray will break # # out of a soft luster, these women were the extra leg this time moving, especially flu, these women also made it very charming and moving, I have a sense of impulse in the psychological movement. neighbor's sister is very fond weeks stockings women, often wearing stockings to work. Zhou sister's legs very slender, very well-balanced, matched with flesh-colored or white stockings, is simply a human creature, so I have a desire to kiss want to touch the idea, and I watched every day, week sister out the door wearing silk stockings legs. until One day I asked about her family during the week sister flash spinning legs like that layer of what it is, when Miss Zhou was pointing to her flesh-colored stockings, a pair of legs told me that a woman's close friend - stockings, and let I touch for a while, stockings really is a funny thing, the dough, and slippery, due to weeks of body fragrance sister, my body is like a current through the same, very comfortable. From later, I began to fell in love with stockings, stockings became a typical fan. The week after work often and sister with her mother, two sister to the recent weeks have found a very good boyfriend, she said Tuesday also like to listen to weekly stockings and her legs, so I rarely have the opportunity to stroke the week long legs stockings tempting a sister. To this end I am very troubled, always wanted to find a girl like the stockings to be my girlfriend with me to share my feeling of stockings, stockings and brought together to enjoy the excitement and happiness, but all this can not be Miss Zhou directly clear. I did not think that the sister was a week off, one day, she pulled me into her room, plug a pair of flesh-colored stockings and a piece of paper in my hands Kobayashi, I know you like stockings, and very Sister legs like stockings, but I love you big strong brother (sister's boyfriend weeks), I can not love you with a sock. This paper has a very good stockings site URL where you can make a lot of friends like silk stockings, stockings learned a lot about the issue. I know a Nvwang we call it like stockings benefits of bamboo, we have a good relationship, two days I introduce her to your knowledge and appreciation of her stockings stockings great deal of research. This pair of flesh-colored stockings to give to you, who told me it was your sister? I accept a note weeks stockings and sister, let me kiss your legs, can it? To time. Week sister nodded, the first time I kissed a weekly sister's legs, a woman in love stockings legs, Zhou sister's legs really smooth stockings, very sexy. I went to tell my sister that week stockings site, where not only many beautiful stockings legs pictures, I learned a lot of common sense crush stockings, stockings and the like can also Nvwang chat, talk about their true feelings on the stockings. Where as the same user said, is a favorite family of heart and love socks and release of free paradise. After all, on the network there is a gap, so I have been pondering a pair of flesh-colored stockings Week sister also eagerly looking forward to the woman who called benefits of bamboo to meet the torment of a solution like the stockings. Finally, after dinner on a Saturday, Zhou sister to take me to see benefits of bamboo, place the company in her coffee shop across from the Green Island. The sun was very good, clear across the door that the glass door, Zhou sister pointed to a long hair, wearing short skirts and stockings Floral tape tight woman told me: that I bring to you the benefits of bamboo, she four years older than you, very civilized, met nervous, I am very familiar with her. Zhou sister and I sat opposite the benefits of bamboo, just sit down and did not take long, Zhou sister and me to begin to benefit from the introduction of bamboo intercropping: benefits of bamboo, you're on time, often in front of you that I brought my dry Kobayashi brother. Like my brother and you are very fond of stockings, and is a fan of pure silk stockings. While I'm gone more than you have to take care of him! Kobayashi, this is me and you talked about the benefits of bamboo sister, sister, but one benefit of bamboo expert stockings, stockings what do you think you can and put your sister talk about benefits of bamboo. Because the first time and never met a woman about love stockings and feet, so a bit nervous, a little sister blush benefits of bamboo, hello. I've long weeks, she said Tuesday you're a person like stockings, nice to meet you. 'd Thread a strand of bamboo benefits before the ray of the amount of hair, smiling, said: Kobayashi, honey, I love you weekly stockings, like sister, know that you are enthusiasts like stockings, and sometimes I also want to talk with others feelings of love socks, I will not do you any prejudice. Hui Zhu did not expect such a frank, my heart suddenly a lot easier. If so, I can rest assured. Kobayashi, a good sister and the benefits of bamboo about, I have to return to company. Finished, Zhou sister got up hastily back to her company. Week sister left, the benefits of bamboo in the box asking me: Kobayashi, can you tell me why you like stockings it? That is because when a woman wear stockings, their legs looked very sexy, and women compared to those who do not wear stockings, stockings woman more a vague temptation to make them more gentle. Men looking at their stockings legs, the heart has a wish to feel the urge to want to kiss. I finally tell a strange woman in front of his true feelings stockings. Very strong feeling it? The hands of the beer drinking Hui Zhu asked. Hui Zhu sister, really, is that a single impulse is very strong man, a woman can not understand. Stockings women to the United States was very mysterious, so the sight of a woman's legs, stockings, I would naturally think of a woman's body and woman's unique that the United States. I honestly tell their own answers. Hui Zhu sister has not surprised, but also praise me and frank: in fact is a kind of stockings did not allow a woman's beauty and soul of the personal things, but when women wear stockings, the beauty of woman is more likely to be men pay attention to to. I like stockings, but I love this mood and feelings of stockings on the people around him can not talk about, like the stockings in the eyes of most people to mean metamorphosis. I am very envious of weeks sister, to love and a love stockings and with her boyfriend. Kobayashi, I wear stockings look good? Hui Zhu smile lifted his hand Qunjiao, that moment, I was shocked benefits of bamboo legs; Hui Zhu was wearing a flesh-colored pantyhose, from her hips to the foot outline a beautiful flash a flesh-colored twilight of the curve, two Xiutui and cute toes looming in the flesh-colored pantyhose. Even the crotch part is very thick, can not see is not wearing underwear. I watched, my hand unknowingly legs out into the benefits of bamboo bamboo Hui sister, your legs are so beautiful, I really could not help myself, your legs will allow me to touch you you're a little one Chan Mao, since you called my sister, how can I make you disappointed? Touch it! I got the benefits of bamboo permission. I will quickly benefit of bamboo off the heels of the feet, put her leg on my lap. I side with his left hand stroked the smooth benefits of bamboo foot, the whole leg on the side walk with his right hand, carefully tasting the soft stockings this sly and slender creature. Perhaps a man's instinct, and I succumbed to temptation, put his hand to the benefits of bamboo between the two legs were wrapped very tight stockings that part, and the friction force started up by hand. Blood in my body going to boil, xx started to swell when the benefits of bamboo legs are slowly retracted her skirt and put on the shoes: Kobayashi, you're too impatient. I also like to be you feel you rubbing, but not here. To my house, okay? For I lived, how touch anything you like, you touch my sister have your fill. I can wear a lot of stockings that you see. At this time, meaning I give up ...... nodded fast taxi, how much time is useless to the benefits of bamboo home. Benefits of bamboo with a small courtyard home is a layer of small building and looked very chic. Benefits of a bamboo house door open, there is an is very comfortable floral, with a trace of perfume inside is also a little taste. : First visit to my stockings, and I'm sure many of you used to see have not seen before. Hui Zhu said opened a closet door, there are many kinds of stockings, with stockings, pantyhose, socks, coveralls, and color is everything you look closely, brand, or imports a lot of . Bamboo Throw me a packet of benefits unopened pattern with thickening of the flesh-colored stockings and a packet of hollow (sack) of the pantyhose holding, one that would help. Come, sister to show you something good. Hui Zhu smiled and said to me. I walked over, turned out to be a Japanese original stockings love the foot disc, which has a young sexy woman wearing t-shirts, short skirts and tights and a dress in the hollow of a flesh-colored pantyhose men with stockings caressing each other, xx the other legs and body stockings, socks, enjoying the joy of love. Inside each leg posture and approach stroke for many, many benefits ...... I finally understand the meaning of bamboo. Looked for a while, the benefits of bamboo off the drive, draw the curtains said to me: Kobayashi, take off your jeans, so Sister teach you wear stockings, you do not want to feel the stockings xx it? So saying, she's Dress off the body, from the closet and took out a white flash pantyhose. At that time, the benefits of bamboo beauty stunned me: her measurements are standard, a pair of upstanding xx wrapped in a layer of silk stockings made of bra, look exceptionally attractive, and let a pair of Silk Stockings I am particularly fascinated by. Hui Zhu will hold one leg straight at the edge of the table will be part of piece of white pantyhose leg curled up circle, and then caps the toe socks, so that the rest will slowly pull up, pull the knee the location, movement is very beautiful; then, the benefits of bamboo and do the same, the white part of the left leg pantyhose pulled his knee position; then she will hand the remaining part of the stockings pulled thigh roots, gently hold part of the waistband from the stockings, the stockings to wear in the body. At this point the benefits of bamboo is simply a goddess sexy stockings, because the two sets of stockings, and her shining light, like a super lovely works of art. I've learned to put the benefits of bamboo look hollow piece of thick pantyhose, from the soles of the feet to the whole body felt a dough and unprecedented smoothness of xx, xx also started slowly with reaction. You look too beautiful stockings, Kobayashi. Unexpectedly, when a man will be so beautiful stockings. Stockings feel like it? Benefits of bamboo with a smile asked me, I do. I nodded. Then when you come to see me have to wear stockings, you know? Sister hate fake people, stockings are not only a woman can wear. You do not like you sister stockings legs, then you come Feel, sister love with you also want the benefits of bamboo foot bed, will be cocked to one leg on the table along the ride, and the other leg volley tilted. I head out into the benefits of bamboo between the two legs, tilted to benefit the leg of bamboo volley care in the left lower leg, the toe of the benefits of bamboo in your mouth, tongue gently licked, xx a with the right leg in the benefits of bamboo legs the entire surface of groping and rubbing the side, tongue and lips while kissing ...... keep you comfortable, Hui Zhu sister? I asked softly benefits of bamboo. Very comfortable, go ahead, do not stop. Kobayashi, now let sister feel your legs, okay? Hui Zhu asked me softly. I nodded and continued touching, kissing ...... benefits of bamboo rolled his body, I turn the lips, tongue and hands extended to the benefits of bamboo in the buttocks, the reason because of stockings, the benefits of bamboo had the fullness of the hips becomes even more beautiful, and I am very careful hand and tongue searched every inch of here full of mature, wild, and given the kind of stockings and lovely skin. Later, the benefits of bamboo is also very crazy stroke, and kissed my stockings legs, I feel very fun, but also I would like to experience even a woman like men Hui Zhu stockings legs ..... take off your bra, will be her on the sexy, Jianting the xx exposed in front of me, pointed to the thick piece of flesh-colored pantyhose Kobayashi, the pair of stockings between your arm, then This pair of stockings on bed sets in the hands of sister sets out to do some good massage. Kobayashi, sister with the beauty of it? I nodded, with a set of the two-tier benefits stockings hand moved bamboo xx, xx benefits of bamboo is very strong, also very flexible, so rubbing it with the stockings, feeling not very good ...... I do not know between sleep, I wear stockings in the crotch had already been a wet, when I take it anymore, asking to take off stockings benefits of bamboo, the benefits of bamboo but broke my hand Kobayashi, sister of a condition as long as you promise, you want to What can? What conditions are right, I really like you. At this time, I only anxiety, not just the tension when we meet. She said Tuesday week you have not heard a girlfriend, so do your sister's girlfriend, okay? Later, you can only love socks and sister together, and then not allowed to love other women socks. Know? Otherwise, sister to ignore you again! ? Rest assured, the benefits of bamboo sister, I do not love other women socks, you are beautiful in my eyes. I pray Road. Benefits of bamboo and then nodded his head, gave up her last line of defense, I also began to ease the drive straight ...... and benefits for the bamboo so I spent a summer night full of passion. Stockings and benefits of bamboo I have forged a rather romantic, and the benefits of bamboo a year later I married, and very loving. But I and the benefits of bamboo in stockings and no trace of complex was decreased, loving each do before I bamboo Hui Mei Mei will enjoy the fun and the kind of stockings is a very comfortable both physically and mentally xx.

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