Between the White Sox trousers

That day I was wandering the streets of beautiful women can be plenty of money, with the appointment really like, which look to Pleasant to see me, and I eyed them. Suddenly shines: a beautiful face came up again and saw her eyes I can not move anymore, and my heart praise the Almighty Creator! She is of medium build, slender waist Chad back, although feel a little thin, but God Lang air is crisp, thin physique actually conceal the meaning of an agile and brave. Needless to say the beautiful face, a pair of big eyes Erotic stare God is flying, his eyes showed the arrogance people did not dare look up. Coupled with thick black hair white skin, bring out her natural elegance. She wore a pair of sneakers, walking, faint revealing trousers between the upper and the White Sox. My heart is with the ups and downs with her feet movements, can not help but envy the foot of that side of her land. I was cranky at her, maybe I am too focused, and she found my stay kind, big eyes staring right at me, said: "What are you looking?" I know what to say to this unexpected problem, is thought how to answer, his face has been "snapped" and endured a slap in the face: "ask you what! you Ah ah do not know the rules! Why do not you answer my questioning?" I wake up, unable to say one sentence: "I did not ah! just ... ..." "pop" side has endured, she hit me with the bird on my finger, said: "You dare to talk back! would dare me to go?" My God, she to me how it! She will not go the police station to get me! I almost want to speak for mercy, but the dignity of the male body literally made me say the sentence: "stay away!" Before she walked away quickly, I followed her like a dog. I hate the side of their own cowardice, while excited about this situation! No one went to the place, she turned and said: "Do you think I do not see, is not trying to be my slave?" I understand, because she is charming exterior there is a bright mind, keep nothing could not her! If I could have such a master, this life can not be lived in vain! So this time I did not hesitate, nervous nod. "You beauty! You think I lack slavery? Cut!" I do not know where they come from courage, pretending tie their shoes, knelt down on one leg, said: "I beg you! Accept me, I'll wait you! "She seemed to move me with satisfaction, the command said:" Get up, follow me! "I obediently followed her to the residents went to a beautiful front, we entered the doors of the parlor, upstairs, when I could not and had to go in front of her, on my knees, the same as Daosuan knock heads, thinking: if I see the owner of this line of gift Liao. She understood what I meant, so she thought I knock enough, and finally he said was: "Well!" And then continue to the stairs and I followed her to the fourth floor, into a unit. Entrance, stood a chair, stood next to slippers. She came in after sitting in a chair, I understand what she meant, and quickly knelt at her feet, hands around her right foot, left hand holding her ankle, right hand slowly off her shoes off, she inch by inch, white socks, faded out from the shoe, and finally, a pair of U.S. shows feet in front of me completely, with a heavy foot sweat, dimly revealing the tendons on the instep. God! Why do you put all the United States are concentrated in one person you? I could not help moving their faces in the past ... ... "What are you doing? How changing his shoes is not good to me! I have not yet reward you, you smell with it? Come on, do not give the face a shame!" This time can be scared I can not have any evil thoughts, and quickly put the slippers on her feet set, followed her into the house. Is the split-level house, rooms are large, elegant furnishings, but split the following I found a cage, slightly higher than the average bed size of an adult enough to curl up on the inside, next to the door, the door is equipped with a big lock. She led me into the cage and saying: "See? After this is your nest! My order if you did not dare to come out, I smoke your tendons, skin you!" I quickly nodded and said: "Yes , master. "I do not see the move, she kick over, snapped:" It is not crawl, so I ask you! Zhaochou that you Ah! "I dare not neglect, and quickly turned around, alignment of the bottom cage door and climbed into it, raised his head, looked at her piteously, and she did not look at me, over the kennel door locked, and turned to go do their own thing. I was cold in there, but I knew that day I began to be slaves! I felt: this will be my most memorable days of his life! I watched the entire room, in between when I saw the ground, shocked me, the original ground the house is divided into two parts, one side is the high transparency of thick glass, while the other side of the fence, glass and iron fence is a basement below! What is this used for? I wonder, can not dare to ask. However, there is a vague idea of mind. In the next few hours, the owner has been doing her own thing. Finally, she seemed to think of me, casually walked the edge of cages, open the kennel door, put me out: "When I first came to be a slave in a cage Bibi sex, you have to ask if the words of chaos , I'd kick you out! Now go to your real home! "Sure enough, my idea became a reality: She made me a fence from the ground into the basement door. I came in after the discovery: here despite its big, but its height and I have just spent the cage as well, so I can not stand up, only tummy! Looked up to in my above, is the master bedroom, master daily life can be read to. I make all the activities is the owner panoramic view! Clever master it! Zhu Ren to finally reach the top of the fence, I quickly climbed over, like a dog lying in front of her, she said: "I want to Jiaye Ban this evening, come back tomorrow morning, after I come back to see your performance!" She said left end, while I was in the corner of my new home curled up to sleep through the night. Finally, the dawn! I heard the voice of the host opened the door, then footsteps coming toward me. Style remains the same God as the owner stood above me. "Exhausting!" She said as she sat on a chair, she did not change slippers, wearing a light to help the black shoes, or yesterday's pair of white socks. Then, she patted the fence feet! God, I suddenly understood what the scratching and scrambling to her feet and began to lick her shoes! I can only of her soles. Licking my toes from the start, little by little to the heel lick, lick one followed the other end. I would like to owner must know what I'm doing, it has long been tempered by her curse. Lying quietly in her chair, enjoying my service. Waiting for me to lick her soles, she took a dog chain, took one, threw down the collar, and I rushed her to wear around her neck. Then I saw the master's feet from the fence into the room, but felt she was pulling my head to her feet, so I continued to lick her upper and upper, from time to time with her leash in her hand control my movements, while his left foot, while the right foot, while the toe, while another side of the shoe, when I started to follow her clumsy command, slowly I realized the meaning of faster and faster host , and later as long as the owner's hand a little Move, I can immediately understand the intent of the owner, and won the master "Well," a cry, then I understand, this is satisfied with the way the owner. Master's shoes and go out as just as clean. At this time I think the owner should let me take off your shoes, so I use teeth to bite the owner heel, gently off his master's shoes. Oh! I do not know my honored master do on the night, the taste of her feet several times bigger than yesterday! Smoked, I could not help but frown Who knows the owner saw my eagle-eyed, and fiercely leather chain to give my ass a bit. She played a good standard it! Are able to get my head whip anal it! Pain I was shaking a bit, but this time not neglect, and soon his nose and mouth buried in her socks, the smell of her socks deep into the lungs, to breathe the whole body! Sorption sorption, thought that somehow unpleasant odor slowly becoming not so bad, and in the end I can not leave, became the "fragrance", I greedy suck! Zhu Ren found that my change his feet back, her left heel stepping on an iron bar children, to prevent I smell toes turned up, his right leg resting on his left leg, shaking his right foot! I quickly bowed side edges for mercy: "Please, master it! I was wrong! Shanggei I master it ... ... .." She leisurely point with smoke, slowly smoked, I can not stop the kowtow. Zhu Ren finally smoked the smoke, snort, and came with his legs, and I thank the owner of the smell after it hard, until Zhuren feet never smell. I know now that the socks off to the owner. I first mouth and nm Zhuren toe socks pulled out a few times, and then master's legs wore nose, bite the owner socks, rolled slowly down, the socks to the ankle Department. Then in the master's heel to the toe at the direction of the socks Diao, that was repeated several times, the owner finally let me socks off here! I quickly master's toes in her mouth, tongue gently caressing. I use the tongue to separate toes master, the owner of a night to bear the hard work of mud on the inside foot, and I rolled with the tongue between the toes of each foot Zhuren mud, pious eat them! I licked slowly, from the toes to the feet, from the soles of the feet to the heel. Because more than walking, the owner has been thin on the heels of growth of the cocoon layer. I decided to give the owner removed! I know how to do it: I have some in the mouth secrete saliva, and then open his mouth, swallowed his master's heels in the mouth, so that the owner of the heel in my saliva soaked. Master's heels so soaked, I gently scraped off with his teeth foot cocoon master, and the saliva swallowed. I try to move very light, or get itchy the host lead to disastrous consequences! I finally washed the feet of his master, the owner is also excited to urinate up the essence of her urine on me! Ah! My breakfast! It seems the owner is quite satisfactory to me, I successfully had a trial period. Because as long as the owner at home, she would have released me from the basement, ready to use on her side. The reward I get will depend on how much the owner may be a good or bad. If the owner in a bad mood, I made more mistakes, definitely, can only stop kneeling in the master who, by pumping his master's shoes slap in the face! If you can not help but want to host a pro-Ze, the result must have been the owner kicked the corner or simply kick back basement. Zhuren good days like watching TV, when I became a master pad. Zhu Ren sat on the sofa, lying on my back to Zhuren kneeling before his master, the owner put his legs on my shoulder, her toes in front of me. I lie on the high to moderate, too low, the host will be sliding down from the sofa, when their host will put my nose out into the toes, straining to lift up my head; too high to block the owner's attention do not say, but also so that its owner's blood flow to the feet hip, leg will be Ma's, then the master will fierce kick in the back of my head, I am careful to maintain a high degree, attend to the arm and knee pain, because so that the owner is my duty to comfort it! Zhu Ren will be watching TV in my body homeopathic ride, grabbed my hair, then I would firmly stick to the master toes, because she is her toes in the direction that I took a bag to go. This time she pointed to the bed, I slowly climbed the bed, careful not to allow the owner to feel bumps, it will master was not comfortable! Master on the bed and lay down, but the upper body back and two arms stays behind, his legs gave me! I did not expect, I'm the highly prized for the master lick his feet, my tongue feeling the owner of the body heat, the owner of the vessel convex feet up, inside the blood stream, but the master it! I am the master of the slight vibration caused by blood flow out of date! Master of fine, gas, along the foot of God spread to my tongue, but also spread throughout my body. I want this feeling forever in my heart, which was the owner's reward it! Zhuren contemptuous look at me, suddenly put my toes into his mouth, inserted inside hard, it hurt my mouth, but not escape, can only scrape together facing the master foot forward! Master's toes out into my throat a little, but not to pull out to mean. At this time I am the master leg up hard to lug up my face, I quickly master's feet with his feet, was the owner just stood up and pressing his tongue to his knees, the owner sometimes down, sometimes so , when they played a draw circle, and paddled for a cross, the action faster and faster, so as the owner of my dancing feet! Zhu Ren played a while, tired, kick one leg out of the sweat, lying in bed, said: "kick!" I call most basin of water, its owners to wash legs and feet sweat, the basin The water slowly getting muddy! Again, he sat up, raised his foot and called my face into her foot-washing water in the foot! I struggled, but I blessing for my master's legs to break free of it! Zhuren kind I exposed nostrils, and I took a breath to be stepped into the water. Then I realized: I do not drink it if the owner's foot-washing water can not be angry today is the breath! So I drank a big mouth up, then water, and the owner of the sweat into my body, my stomach rose up, but in order to breathe I'm trying very hard to drinking, drinking, and finally drink it the owner's feet water, the owner of the foot lift, and said: "You pretty smart! to me to wear shoes and socks, I'm going out!" I'm careful to give the owner the good shoes and socks, she sat on the sofa, and ordered me knelt beside her, give her a cigarette. Owner is know that I love smoking, I could not master the command is not allowed to smoke, I looked at the greedy Zhuren smoking. Less left half a cigarette when she was thrown in front of me, I thanked the owner, just about to pick up, the owner of the shoes to step on in the cigarette! No matter how I kowtow to the owner not speaking to me, see I do not understand, master fire, and curse the sound: a fool. Ah! My inspiration was the owner scolded them, and quickly get down to the owner played a lick shoes, the owner satisfied with the "favor" a cry. Licking for a while, the owner finally spoke up: "look at themselves to see, from shoes to see their dogs face?" "Not yet, Master." "Then lick!" "Yes, master!" But no matter how I lick can not reach the owner's request, I suddenly had an inspiration, to face the owner of the oil to wipe shoes on, which really works under the master's shoes light up, finally shows me the facial features to the ! I looked up at full achievement of the master, the owner is also satisfied with the "ex" a cry, followed by a severe lesson was: "If you understand my intent in the future be so slow, I do not smoke die you see Ah stop!" "Yes, master! will never have dared it!" the master of your feet lifted up, I immediately picked up the owner of the rest of the cigarette, inhaled deeply, and the owner of the lip of incense and the smell of leather shoes I drifted out! Zhuren gone, I was the H to the basement, holding the socks host tours of the United States and the United States to sleep again. Owner is not prepared to give me food and water alone! I stand by everything in life from the master's reward. Every morning when I woke up the owner had been kneeling on the bed waiting for the owner. Master woke up! I lie on the bed waiting for his master! Zhu Ren was sitting up, get out of bed to ride in my body. I understand that Zhuren get up first thing after going to the toilet, so I climbed laden Zhuren bathroom. Zhuren sit on the toilet, ordered me to lie in front of her, her one foot on my mouth, the other standing on my foot stems! I did not drink one night, and have dry mouth it! So I slowly take care of the lower body to the owner, the owner seems to understand my intentions, their feet stepped on my face, I finally could not resist. Said: "Master! Please their master! Shanggei slave!" I twisted in the master's feet, pleading eyes as the eyes exposed. Zhu Ren finally mercy, and lifted his feet, and I conspire following the host's sister, waiting for! Master's sister, spitting out my drink in! Host a gathering at the body heat and air with thick urine Sao irrigation to my mouth! Master bitter urine it! In my opinion is Yuye the wines, drinking my big mouth, the owner's nectar relieved fatigue and hunger, I have kept on it! Master Chugong finished, I clean up after the Court of the owner, the owner back to pack, wash the clothes serve the owner. But the master said: "You give me clean it?" After the master tune master after I have learned the meaning of, and quickly clawed Shuangtun owner, carefully checked with, sure enough, in the master still remained around the anus not easy to perceive yellow. Yeah that was my negligence, I quickly put his tongue on the anus conspire owner, serious licking up to the owner. Lick clean out my tongue, hard, into his master about 1-2 cm inside the anus, the anus in the master crawling around! Zhuren satisfied! I have to rely on the owner to maintain this throughout the morning urine a few hours! The owner is very particular about diet meals a day, came home from work, bought something, I am responsible to the owner by the good food. I came out from the kitchen to be kneeling at the foot of his master. The foot of the master to prepare a special dish for me, when the plate is empty, I can only wait for lying at the foot of the master in the master reward! Zhu Ren leftover chicken bones, fish bones and so are my delicious, the owner sometimes attentive to those things on my plate, you can sometimes simply throw the floor and cried, I would like a dog chasing his master to throw the bone as things on the ground picked up through your mouth and eat with gusto! Zhuren drink beer, drink every meal. But the owners do not always eat the toilet when she wanted to urinate when will the urine in a bowl, then put her in there to eat the remaining rice, Shanggei me! When I was not allowed to eat with chopsticks or hands, and must be rolled with the tongue like a dog owner's urine and rice! My noble master will always reward kind to give me some good things to eat, such as cake. At times like this, the owner will appreciate the way I eat greedy, and will his legs to the food, the food my foot into the mud, glued to her feet! And I for to eat delicious, only adhesive lick her feet! In fact, the owner of the feet should be the delicious food, and, later, did not participate in the food co-owner of the Hong feet no longer attractive to me. Master's feet became my best seasoning food, I implored owner can get this reward! After dinner, the host should chew gum. Zhu Ren received a piece of chewing, chewing each finished piece will spit to far away places. Man or spit go, I'll climb over the owner's gum mouth picked up, I do not have luck to kiss master, it would be masters of saliva tasted it! However, when Zhu Ren spit close to the master of my time. Owner of a cough, so I'm going to open his mouth in front of the owner, the owner if there is phlegm will "pop" sound spit in my mouth, I will master the sputum to swallow! Sometimes owners do not to spit into my mouth, I'll put out his tongue to lick spit in the face of the sputum and eat a mouth! There is also a source of my food. Owner in the unit of endeavor, it is inevitable there are many social activities, entertainment would have to drink. Master drinker great, but sometimes drunk. Home after the owner was drunk, threw things in one place! Meanwhile the master will be riding Jiu Jin, I stepped foot into the ground, let me eat her spit things! I'd rather drink the urine of the owner is not willing to eat these things! I struggled! But when my master tied me up, to let me eat! I also can not fight it! Every time, the owner will be excited to lick silk! I can only spit out what his master eat! Master pleased, when only then I let out from the basement, The owner in a bad mood, I'll throw in the basement by her, she above me do her own thing! I once told the owner did not complete the task by the master angry. Zhu Ren angry really very handsome! I have seen in a novel, and said the United States to a certain extent a man, the author uses the "cruel" word! My master is so cruel beauty was, I feel: When God made man, certainly a conscious separation of grades, or else why my "normal" life after seeing her insolent so defenseless The yield on it! I like the English in the "upper class" and "lower class" these two phrases. I was the latter, she is the leader in the former! I're meant to be for her, give her my all. Zhuren angry when I knelt in the middle of the basement, man or where I went to adjust my knees in the direction, facing the master, my knee irritation, but this is the master's command it! Every time I hurt it if you could lead its owner pleasure, allow the owner to eliminate cool down, I will be satisfied! Zhuren because I get angry! ! ! I do not know what positive virtue of the last generation, to have you such a master, but I did not let the slaves not only the owner happy, but also so that the owner was angry! S dereliction of duty to the extreme! I pray that psychology: Let my actions so that its owner satisfaction with it! Zhuren Do not angry ah! I lie below, head high, eyes firmly fixed on the master's feet, ready to adjust the direction of the owner of psychological hope to see the way I am pious, mercy forgive me this time! I was the owner with the hungry, thirsty, tortured with a day! Zhu Ren finally stepping on the glass side stand on top of the fence, unlock the pants, exposing her lower body as handsome! I know that the host should reward drinks, and quickly climbed to the master kneeling body, the open mouth. Host began to urine, the urine can be her side of the left and right side of the body slowly shaking! I crawl around with the owner's actions, received a master's in urine can be as much as possible, the owner of urine bitter in my mouth to eat it a great sweet! Master contemptuous look at me, put a belt on the pants taken out! Ah! Master will be punished, indicating that master shall forgive me! I stick up his ass in the basement up, stick to the iron fence, in order to allow the owner to vent, I stuck tight ass, I think owners can now clearly see that I was out of a block of iron across the buttocks meat! To owner does not play, still contemptuous look at me! I could not resist, the owner of the belt means pumping in me the grace of the master it! I looked, looked at the owner of worship, said: "Master! Owner! Shanggei I whip it a few! Noble arm swing with your hands you are noble, I hit this vile body!" I said side edge straining to the top to the bottom of the fence. I finally heard the "pop" is heard, and felt a sharp pain on the bottom, the owner finally shot! Who knows, after a bit Zhuren stopped playing, looked at me, eyes no longer a stigma, but puzzled, and angry! I see, quickly said: "Thank you master!" Master snapped: "For what?" I said: "Thank Zhuren lesson! Find Zhuren continue lessons, you It's all I good. Is that you not tired! Do not hurt yourself, and if so, then the greater the slaves of sin ah! "master's belt down again! This time I host had ordered, every kick of a whip, I say out loud: "Thank you master!" Master whip the meat in my ass, pumping iron fence, and my cry and by host breathing, to make up for some wonderful Symphony in SM! Zhuren hit two dozen, the tired. She unlocked the basement, then sat down on the sofa. I crawl out from the basement to see the owner on the sofa lazy way, could not help hard-up pants! Piercing pain on the ass, I slowly climbed to the owner of the foot, I do not know what the owner is the heart of gas, I dared not rash, but endured the pain of the foot lying in the master! After ten minutes, the owner still did not move, I tried to scrape together the mouth of shoes to the owner. Today, the owner wearing a pair of sneakers, I gently licked his master from his shoes! Find the owner, said: "What are you doing?" I immediately said: "I learned such a long time owner, the shoes are dirty, the feet must be tired, so I wait on wait on master it!" Master suddenly ridicule said: "You're tired! more pain Yeah, I'll give you some medicine on it!" I hear the owner, then in the ironic, the also terrible! Zhuren kind to me that the owner has not completely eliminate gas, I not that to the end! I quickly bowed to the owner, knock ring head! Side bowed says: "I was wrong! I was a big dog bile not dare to say Leiya! Are afraid to work on the owner to what medicine it! Is also the owner broke the reward is I dream of the desired Yeah! Zhuren not say I prove ungrateful it! "master satisfied" Well, "a cry, I hear what sounds Wong, hastened to the owner clean the shoes. I have shoes on his master with his tongue did not have a crack licked clean, and then gave Zhuren bowed, said: "Please Zhuren so I give you clean up the socks and your feet!" Master and "Grace," a cry, I mouth to his master feet out from the shoes, please! The feet of an incense smell took my breath away! My whole body shaking excitement, big mouth breathing, small mouth breath, With adoration to the owner on each fiber socks on the taste of all absorbed into the body! This is the master's feet fragrant! Is my best nutrition! With it, I can in the coming days grow! I am the master, as usual, took off his socks, foot licking to the owner, master's feet to eat feces and foot cocoon, and then found the owner toenails long to kowtow gave Zhu Ren said: "Master! I want to give the owner nails, find Zhuren grant that! "master agreed, and I thank the owner, started cutting to the owner, then owner nails polished and rubbed, licked the excess skin and nail debris broken, ah! Master's feet under my serve so bright brilliance! What: This material should only be in heaven, earth I alone rarely heard! Finally, I cut the nails carefully master on my chest on the small box necklace. I want to master everything saved, always close to the master, if any lessons could be heard as the host! Zhu Ren stood up, I saw the master's feet have been wet, wet strength that is full of women! Through her jeans, barely visible! It was able to hold up the world of women's power! And since my master any woman more powerful than sex, more attractive. Not only can it hold up the whole world, but also to conquer the whole world! Men around the world will pay homage to her! Ah! I climbed to the house to follow their masters Central, the owner stopped, turned around, looked at me and said: "You follow me?" I suppressed the impulse to hold the owner, will knock the host at the foot of his forehead, said gingerly : "Please wait Zhuren Zhuren so I satisfied with it! I need to master the essence! find Zhuren Shanggei I!" I like God was moved by the poor, my master, "Well," a cry, and I quickly took off his pants wait Zhuren . The owner has revealed the white pants! I slowly slipped out of his master's pants, I used the tongue to lick the owner and detailed as possible to enter the state is the master slowly and reached a climax. Owner under my licking and sucking entered the climax. Zhuren lifted his right leg stepped on my shoulders, exposing her most secret location! White feet deep groove between the buttocks, with trembling hands I separate master foot ditch, exposing the pink anus surrounded by the owner, her master's excitement as crawling around, as in the call was issued to me! No! Should be a command! Then I can not help but think of the ancient Quotes: "I do not know subjugated women hate business, across the court, especially after the flowers sing." Actually, I do not know hate is more than national subjugation and business woman, I'm the master now, after kneeling before the Court, has been get it's head over heels! I am desperate to scrape together the lips of the anus to the master, ah! I can now step backward into the body of the noble to go to my master, and the host with the in and become part of the master it! I am the owner of the anus with the lips and prized, from the middle out his tongue and tasting the master's body. Slowly my tongue hard, bit by bit into his anus owner, the owner a bit slight muscle contraction, to clip my tongue out! After the owner again to relax, I Youchang try to master tongue into the body. The Zhuren not refuse me, my tongue slowly into 2 to 3 cm inside my anus licked his master around, a hand caressing the inner thigh master, the other hand holding the master of step my foot! I finally got my master and two for one, and masters of the train and gave her my all, I want all of my dedication to the master! I prayed that I could never in a position now! Zhuren tired of lying on the bed, and soon to sleep, because there is no master command I can only kneel in the master bed, side After the owner woke up, do not just sweet aftertaste! Zhuren slept for two hours, when I go to bed in the master had been kneeling in the master bed, tingling of the knee that I had to change the position from time to time, the owner began sleeping regularly turn over, turn over every time she makes me burn from the hope, the master Yeah, wake up fast, I can not stand it! The owner finally woke up! She stood up and sat up, I quickly climbed to her feet to kneel, because every time Zhuren have to go to the toilet after waking up. Zhuren riding on my back. Sure enough, her toes pointed to the bathroom. I took a bag of her into the bathroom, is preparing to wait on her relieve themselves, the owner has opened the water heater: the previous owner to a bath. Wait clan took off my clothes, I also take off his shirt. Zhu Ren stood head under the tap, directed at the body. Again, he excited the hot water makes up! I know what to do, do not wait enough Zhuren bath from it! "Come here!" Master command said. I quickly climbed to the owner under the body. "Mouth!" The owner said impatiently. I opened her mouth obedient, arrived in the master lower body. Zhu Ren took a step forward, making my body had thrown back, the whole body down in her crotch! Zhu Ren to take a bath. Body along the flow master bath down, my nose was overwhelmed bath water, I can not breathe it! Where am I Move it! First with strong hold back, looking forward to the masters of the water off, but she does not exist as if I did the same, continue to wash with, and the more pleased the more washing, but also sang opera! Although she sang a lot of flavor, but I thought now where's enjoy it! I finally could not resist, and opened her mouth. A mouth, a master bath and a toilet roll into the air in my body, I immediately felt comfortable. Just let me breathe, what I have ignored, and say that, but the master of the bath Yeah, how many people dream of things that are not! My master's reward drinking, growing belly, I can not stand the support! Zhu Ren sat down and began to wash lower body, but no master's command, I can not put the mouth, with the owner's move to continue to arrive in her lower body! That I continue to be kept drinking the bath water! Master finally finished, and I was about to pee, but she was sitting on the toilet! The owner saw the way to pee, but she still does not get up! The previous owner in the stool! Master again hold in my stool again enjoy the uncomfortable look, I know I can not help if the urine is now out, the result, but unthinkable! The owner went on for a cigarette stool effort, she finally lifted his hips, I quickly wiped her anus, but also endured dysuria licking her anus, until that smell is gone. I did not speak so we should master the urine, she was not happy, calm, said: "I will let you peed it?" Scared I forgot to hold back the panic! Because the master's voice more calm and more angry that she is! I "thump" kneel down, "boom" "boom" and played a loud knock heads, the owner raised his foot, I did not head towards the people called the kick up! Thanks to the owner of the nails I wear slip, or my face non-scratched her nails is not! Enough to play host, pointing to the toilet, said: "You give me lick it clean! Otherwise..." I did not master the following words such as exports, and quickly licked from the toilet! Clean-up the carefully from top to bottom, is the owner of the toilet stool full of flavor, but also sometimes encountered Zhuren stool spills! I can not escape, the owner is contemptuous look at me! I lick the big toilet for 10 minutes only then lick clean, and the owner did not say anything, I hold back the stand this! ! But this can not in any doing it. Zhu Ren Pian leg across in my body, my pack back to his master bedroom. Master bed, looked at me hard in the stomach help to know I did not urine, lazy and said loudly: "Go!" I like Monte amnesty, but not run, climb up the toilet, comfortable up in urine . I had a full 2 minutes of urine during the day are very busy with my master, and she gave me the tune is carried out on her after work. So I curled up in my day to kennel, licking master's shoes and socks, thinking like the owner, through the long day! Sometimes Zhu Ren tells me homework, such as: "to knock my socks and shoes or 100 ring head!" Every this time, I was excited. Master was gone, I must master's shoes and socks to stay together, visit the pious! Master tune every night I finished, let me wait on a shower, after washing she would sleep. But she does not mean I sleep after work is over. Although the body of my master does not look very strong, but her fitness is really, as if there is a never-ending effort to make! Every night I wait to be finished after her kneeling before her bed, listening to her even breathing, watching her beautiful face, she began sleeping is also very sexy! Owner to get up in the night to urinate in the middle of the night, but she had since I will never go to the bathroom. She prepared a large funnel, the funnel exit is a stockings mouth, one to the owner of urine, I quickly put the funnel Pengdao her lower body, and then put in your mouth and lips stockings, and other masters of urine came out, I like to eat stockings that go to drink the urine of the owner, the owner does not get out of bed at night, only sideways, I have to lie on the floor, then looked up the owner of urine! In the morning, I wait on the owner to go to work, to get back to my basement where his mouth to catch the owner's shoes or socks, the United States beauty sleep! Every day I have to bear not only the owner of the urine. Masters like smoking, to spit, and I then became the owner of the spittoon it! So when my master and a task together is to observe the master at any time is not to spit or spit, as long as the owner has a hint, that is, cough, mouth I will scrape together the past, the owner will be at my mouth spit on one, sometimes to spit in my mouth, and sometimes to spit to my lips, no matter where spit, I must without reservation, the owner of the reward to swallow. Master sputum particularly when cold, when my mouth will always full of phlegm owner! Infected with the owner for fear I will be filling my drink cold medicine. I love the most do not wash down medicine, wash down medicine is particularly difficult childhood, a way can be the owner. She caught me by the legs, hands and hold my nose, I can not breathe air, and then pour the medicine in my mouth, I struggled! Can be no more than a while, medicine to go down my throat now, every time, I will certainly hurt the flow of tears and crying no matter how I do not have the slightest mercy of the owner. Nose master stream will wipe clean their paper. She Cawan to readily thrown to the ground! And I'm going to climb over like a dog right away, separate from the owner of used paper through your mouth, lick his master's nose, and then, then nodded in paper Diao to the trash. When the owner of fever, will stay a lot of sweat, the sweat can not at this time because the master bath, it must be sweet and I clean, I want to stop licking, if the master had appeared in sweat, and she will be angry! In my serve well, the owners feel very satisfied, the day she made a decision: she was ready to take me out, her words will be "walking the dog!" Outdoor sunny, my breathing had suddenly become fun! The original breath of fresh air is so nice, this is the life I used to have the world? I appreciate the flow of people and I have common vehicles ears out when the host PLC to say: "Today I take you out, you can not forget, when your whole life no matter what, no matter where are my slave! "" Yes, master! "I hastily replied, the owner, then watered down because I thought about the excitement generated will go out. The street so many of us, go out after his bicycle from the owner, no talking to me, and now she is walking their own, from time to time watching the street, I followed closely behind the master, also step-step master, the master trend is also becoming, dare not deviate! The street are numerous, the middle guy holding his girlfriend, a beautiful walking hurriedly, I rode a bike, exposed ankle socks Cupid, more driving through the streets, people can not help but think of them stepping on the brake feet of the lady ... .... the outside world really is wonderful it! And I am so attracted those from before my sight, and now even afraid to look at it all, staring at the owner's every move, completely became the owner of the accessories! I am worried that something has finally happened, the owner rode the bike! I also can not keep taking her again soon, although she is very slow ride, but I can not keep up with how the two legs of her two wheels it! If I go about to lose in such a master of it! I answered the run up! The riding master the more the faster I can run faster and faster, I absolutely can not lose my master. People on the street think? They guess our relationship, they certainly think that the owner is my long-distance running coach, are using this form to train me! Masters are tired, out of the car, I also felt relieved. Master his cart to the sidewalk, I quickly took the owner of the car, follow the master into the garden in the city. Garden Azeri lot, mainly my grandfather took the young child playing with stockings stockings. Owner looking for a chair, sat down first, then feet resting on the arm of a chair and lay down. After she lay down with the toes off his shoes, but not the shoes thrown on the ground, but with the toe lug, shaking back and forth! I pulled away, and respectful, was on her side! Cigarette in hand touch owner, I quickly prepared my mouth right on the owner, to the point of the master, the master smoking, and watching little children playing nearby, from time to time the bomb to my body ash ! A group of children ran up and saw the two of us will play with us. Great interest of the owner raised his head, softly of the children, said: "Look, I send you a toy, okay?" "Yes!" This is the answer, of course, and I realized that I play it! Sure enough, the owner pointed at me and said: "This is what I sent to your toys!" The children hesitated. Master said: "Do not be afraid! I'll teach you to play. The toy is that you let him do what he is! You look at this: start walking!" I quickly straightened himself, wanted little time to practice walking in the school team, as meticulous gone up! Master lay there, from time to time change the command: "goose go!" "Lie down!", "Turn back!." . . To the later became: "slapped!" "Spanking!" And even "Laugh!" "Cry! And so on. Children are looked at me cheerful smile! Cute babies ah, you understand what! owner suddenly sat up in front of the child's face, said to me: "Kneel down! "I hesitated, after all, is to coax the child does not like to play it! This is the master of the order could be it! Those kids do not understand what this means, followed shouted:" Kneel down! Kneel down! "I'm scared of old people looking away, but fortunately they are also immersed in the happy talk about their old age, there is no notice of things here. I cry a growing fear of children, will finally lead to their attention kneeling in front of the owner down! Fortunately, kids crowded around, I was kneeling, in the same horizontal line are not apparent. master's playfulness is also great, she continues to command: "kowtow! ! "This time I go astray, and that there is no hesitation, ran to her master to worship together, because I know the slower the more dangerous! Children who are not sensible is still around next to the count! Owners think it is almost possible, perhaps break over her, and she beckoned me to her shoes, I stopped and bowed to her her shoes to wear in the feet, parents of those children may still wear shoes to give them it, did not show much surprised, shocked just a bigger one will of God. the owner stood up, walked out of the child group, and I blushed, followed her, as if I just move people around the world have seen the same! gone in a park owner trips to the bathroom, but fortunately no one toilet, because it is on the outside, the owner was afraid my body wet, so easy to master, let me put her sister on the residual urine licked clean, I licked her nervous, for fear this time will came from people outside the toilet...

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