Young woman's stockings is my aunt!

That day, my father and mother are working overtime, so take care of my aunt came to my house tomorrow. She loves me, she said I like her son. I also like her because she is sexy, 1.65 meters in height, with well-proportioned body, long hair over the shoulder, there is she wearing professional suit with high heels. She came to my house, I just school. Knock on the door, I know aunt came, very pleased to open the door. She is wearing a dark suit, must be just work in her hand, then some cooked food, I quickly took it: [Auntie, you just buy cooked food to work on it too hard. ] She answered: [Nothing! ] Door, she began to cook something. I'll go do my homework. After that, I stood behind her, smell her perfume appreciate her. At meal time, I also from time to time aiming her. She does not seem to know. I am very proud of. After dinner, we sat on the sofa watching TV, chatting. Suddenly, she knocks the legs, said: [hey, so tired today! "Can you massage my feet? I got a day, and feet are sore points." "Intent to do anything for you." I teased, I had to have unnatural for my aunt, but also how it will miss this opportunity! I am pleased to reply. He then off the slippers, reclining on the sofa. Put your feet up on the sofa in the sitting opposite of my thigh. After taking off her feet appear more slender delicate slippers, a pair of stockings as thin as onion skin stretched tightly in her soft plump feet, through the thin silk stockings, you can vaguely see a touch of blood on the instep, The bottom of stockings have a little black socks. I use the beauty of a hand under her feet, one hand gently stroking her soles, soft, creamy tired, aunt's feet filled with incense from time to time in my sense of smell. When my hand touched soles of the feet, her toes up and down more than five flip the meat, she called "ah! Light point," I do not answer, I continue to hold hands carefully aunt slowly a foot massage stockings, waves mixed with stockings on her feet smells and nostrils, together with stockings supple touch. Aunt slowly rubbing toes and soles of the feet, from the beginning of the massage gradually becomes a stroke, I enjoyed this very happy feeling. She struggled at first, and then stopped talking, and occasionally uttered a groan lazy comfortable. I am a little distracted, and from time to time and aim at that skirt the mysterious aunt area. My crotch had unconsciously put up their tent, and then do not watch TV aunt, eyes closed unexpectedly quietly enjoying the pleasure brought by his nephew foot massage and making a strange "hum" sound. (Developmental stage at the time I was something men and women is not very clear) so I boldly won the aunt of a stocking foot on his face and smell and lick and pro, suddenly a hint the feet slightly acidic odor, and a unique touch of leather fragrance into my nostrils, really refreshing. Made me think that the aunt did it with me, and soles of the feet in my face linger with. Suddenly, I felt very comfortable pants. The original, is aunt to the other wearing stockings foot beach pants in my lower body pushing forward, from time to time also reached into his pants in the sand. It makes me feel flattered, and now think it may be too empty after the divorce aunt, after all, flesh and blood drive, she is also necessary. Aunt then put the other foot held up, the instep of her silk stockings rub on my face. She groaned loudly, and her knees have been distributed to more open now. I feel I have been unable to control. I then began to put her left foot toe sucking mouth up. Soon her feet in many places was sucking me on the mouth before. My tongue to her every toe seam are licked, tasted every inch of skin are the. My aunt seemed to enjoy watching, I continued to mouth kiss her feet, I put her toes in her mouth, incense and ah, my sweet soles of the feet of her, and then to keep on to her thigh pro- , while the aunt is regardless of me. I started ventured to stretch your hand step by step in her cute skirt, and suddenly, my aunt's legs caught in the hand. Said [Oh, you're not like Aunt ah? ] [Is ah] I summon the courage to reply. [What do you like the aunt? ] Shook her hair asked. [Because you are very sexy aunt, there is very good for your stockings feet beautiful smell, I like] [original is so ah! ] [You are my nephew, but ah, we can not have relations. ] [That I just want to hug aunt, kiss aunt, your aunt in that lick that sexy stockings feet. I promise I will not mess come! ] Aunt looked at me like a begging look, aunt blushed and said: "[just your kid

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