Hanging out of a flesh-colored pantyhose

The day was very good, a few days before this continuous rain, the day has been no better, but that day has finally cleared up, the day I was the second rest day, had wanted to rest at home, but see the website at When those stockings on the legs, heart with impulsion, perhaps for a long time the action did not steal wire, since the winter to April of this time hold in the long winter, fewer women wear stockings, so That day the weather became very warm and sunny, it is a good time to steal the silk. So I'll be tempted to prepare it and then go out. We get the old buildings house more, which I often come to the house used to be a centralized place to steal wire. Live in a house where a woman more beautiful, which houses more than my stockings drying in the basic understanding of the very detailed. Then I went to a number of buildings to 29, the house is a five-storey building. Each of 4 families, balcony and some basic facilities are shared. This building is what I had come to steal wire floor. So I know the situation. On the first floor there are three lives of the elderly, there is a middle-aged, and only a man. Lived on the second floor to the third floor there are a few middle-aged couples. (I'm on the opposite side of the floor, run the risk of that observation) for another is not clear, because not every household have found it! I'm not Cha Hukou, I've come to steal wire. Two elderly people living in the fourth floor, there are a young couple. Woman pretty long, but unfortunately she always put her own clothes drying in the next window, so no chance. The elderly living in a fifth floor, there are two middle-aged couple, the other is a young couple and a little girl. For now I'll start my next wire was stolen. Went to the door 29, as is Tuesday, the work of the work, the school to school, so the buildings are empty, old people also move along in the house. I looked up at the top, wow! The third floor to the fifth floor balcony with a lot of clothes, some underwear, which made me very excited. As usual as I pretended to visit relatives at home is very serious look, and slowly up the stairs until they came to the third floor and looked at no one, they soon came to the balcony, and sure enough a lot of clothes, a lot of coat, colorful, in the look of these clothes have a sudden I saw a rack to dry the underwear, as well as two pairs of short stockings, came closer are two pairs of flesh-colored short stockings, a short nylon is just an ordinary socks, and a velvet socks only. Remove the nylon socks first to say, I quickly removed the stockings from the racks and put coat pocket, while the other stockings is not my favorite, a little thick, no take. So I continued to walk on, to the fourth floor balcony looked at the dress consequently, hey! Unhappy, and keep moving. To the fifth floor, I still looked at it and then directly to the balcony, a look, obviously, two hangers, a laundry a white shirt, there is a high elasticity Hanging out a flesh-colored silk pants socks, hangers and two clips, clip the two crystal purple silk socks, thin and transparent, I saw excited about halo. It is estimated that the young woman. Zhenshuang, I immediately remove the crystal silk socks, know why I have been a short wire to steal it? Short stockings can also be used. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Know it! Then I smell the smell, the taste of an detergent, socks, very light tip of a stock is not washed the feet sweat. Then I also put the stockings coat pocket, just about to go, suddenly there was a old lady came over, I was surprised Meng, ah! She came Shashi Hou, and even the sound was, I was shocked. I asked whom she saw me, talking on and off, and perhaps taken the first step in critical moments, I quickly said my heart is not happy around town and then went downstairs without looking directly. I went to step on the first floor to go in the direction of my home. First, I want to get out of this, if there are what matter to trouble. Second, I was both nervous and excited, I should get home today, enjoy the two pairs of tights. True story above is my experience, do not imitate

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