Would run into her stockings legs

My girlfriend has her dandy, my girlfriend has her beautiful? "I never thought about his girlfriend than with other Nvhai Zi, because I think it, and china sexy girls with a standard of beauty is difficult to measure. In front of the Qing Xin though she looks pleasant, but also gives a refined feeling, but not inexperienced, after all, insight and experience is very limited, so it seems than my girlfriend not quite children. She thought for a long time to see me no answer, tears ready to come again. I just have a sense of the words guilt, holds many lessons for intent to make her happy, they believed the words: "You beautiful, do not you stick to her body. Soon you be more children. "The last sentence is from the north of the saying, she seemed to hear and understand. I like to see her almost to tears, and my heart said:" This girl kept in purdah, and grew up in a dysfunctional family, she on the outside the interpersonal and the rights of nature is rarely heard infighting. Such a girl, her heart is a simple, she cried out as tears are so not refutation. "The thought, I said:" You very rarely go out, right? "" Yes, ah! Every day I was two line, back and forth from the school are the pick of my dad. I have a free child. "Speaking of lack of freedom, she and I are the same world people, sidewalk:" Do you do much more interaction with classmates, how to get along with each other? "" The students and I are good, they used to come to a party in my house. "I heard this I see, the original students to see her family well, so will be so close to her. And then asked:" The students play at your house, you do not object to that rich dad? He is not opposed to cross-boyfriend? "She was eager to see me to ask, said:" Students come to my house are a woman, I was three Girls school in the city. "Wen's remarks, I was shocked at first, gradually and understand her a lot -I helped her buy a 3 per ticket, and then the crowd waiting to come from the Zhangjiang Station of the Metro Line 2. 21 points of the flow of people becoming less subway station, but there are still stocking legs into my eyes. I saw a girl dressed to go to work carrying a small bag and mobile phone, wearing boots and flesh-colored stockings, standing not far from me. I looked up and saw the frequency of electronic devices is displayed on the next 3 minutes, so if no others and gently said: "The only 3 minutes." Side of her to see me talking to himself, he asked: "What three minutes ah? "listen to her a question, I realized her presence, alertness typical:" Oh, there are 3 minutes on the bus. "Having pointed to the head.I glanced glances from time to time who work girl, seeing that she looked at me from time to time, I suddenly realized that my face is not a Xinruzhishui girl, but a battle-hardened "veteran." In this materialistic world, once the fire of desire burning, will be difficult to easily extinguished. The train came, with her beside me and approached the trunk. Because many people, we sat together. "Since you think I'm beautiful than your girlfriend, then I can be your girlfriend?" She is so abrupt and it made me feel very embarrassed, and my heart said: "Who says that his girlfriend must be one of the most beautiful. Two people together is character consistency, caring and understanding to each other ah! "So back:" You are young, and this year is high for three years, your dad will not let you was for your boyfriend. so you admitted to the university, I will happy for you. "I did not confront her, but she knew what I was thinking, so I'm relying on close, but also specifically lifted the hem of the coat to cover my legs stockings exposed her thighs, Road : "You say you like to see my legs?" She was right decibels is not small, it attracted many people's eyes, so my face turned red again. Fortunately, everyone else thought we were a pair, and it did not lead to greater trouble. I buried his head even lower, and said: "You Do not talk nonsense, this is the public, ah!" And so I took a while a slight rise, but also unexpectedly found a pair of stockings from the Yu legs, I followed the legs up Look, then more red face burned, and that the owner does not exactly have legs that I am not far from a mature woman to work it?My life has not been so close to the face of a woman in public, legs, I felt my hair seems to want to touch her hair sexy stockings legs. And my nose came in from time to time I do not know or body fragrance Hong socks make me very popular with the sense of taste. I feel my soul will be either their own body, and difficult to control their lust. I hugged between panic sitting beside me that her and then pretended to be asleep like close your eyes. She was holding me, I felt her lips are getting close to my left cheek, I am even more confused. My heart said: "People's Square Station how not to, ah, I want to change line -"I and I think they are within a demure girl who hold together, but she was to kiss me, I fear there will be unpredictable next thing to happen, so to flash head. Unexpectedly, she whispered: "This woman's legs are very long, um, ah a beautiful flesh-colored stockings." Heard remark, I almost fainted.Finally to the local exchange line, I went into the underground passage with her, she disappeared out the other. My heart is big sigh of relief, the heart: "The ordinary day dreaming of the legs do appear in front of me, I could be so panicked and panicked.

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