my stockings story

The Internet era it? Do not know. But I know that the world really is growing smaller, and my head grew big, some get lost, or even could not find myself. Life changes so fast, many things people can not believe not sure.
Now these days in order to keep up with the trend of the times, it is necessary flexibility and quick response to a trick question, have always, had an idea - Aha, that was it!
In life, because I had an idea, suddenly found the world so it is, a woman so it is, the U.S. leg that was it!
I graduated from college to the United States for 5 years studying hard, and finally to an American, Dr. hair cap worn on his yellow skin, black eyes and head. Hat is good, but always feel my heart is not a taste, they always think of across the Pacific Ocean country. Not that I have very noble, very patriotic ideological level, but not used to foreign bread, could not understand foreign women, even the Americans can not stand that arrogant Gao Qiao's sharp nose and pale face. But money can only be endured in his pocket. Looking back at that time, I was actually endure the most pain the rough Bigfoot Western woman. Walked all the way to 40 yards are greeted by giant shoes, large feet, there is no beauty at all; Although Babes milk shake their hips flirtatious twist dashing, still gave me a feeling of proximity to Jurassic Park . Therefore, it is particularly in a foreign country to miss the crush since coming home.
Primary school to university, I do not know how many times to peek at the beauty of female feet. Tender and delicate female students show small enough that they often give me endless joy and power, almost the driving force behind my study and struggle. I have been eager to use their own career success, wisdom and wealth to win my dream, such as the lotus like beautiful women by the Yuzu. Finally, the opportunities in a casual, careless, I actually got the favor of an American overseas Chinese tycoons, he gave me a large amount of venture investment, let me return the building to influence the lives of the motherland, even though he do not expect returns, but also the viability of my talent and full of confidence, I believe I can make it, brought him huge profits. My life is forever changed, as fast with the time difference did not turn around to become a student from a poor returning from overseas investors.
Ocean in a warm spring day, I was covered in lofty, head held high, proud of his success to his hometown to set foot on the land. Aircraft landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, when I walked down the ladder when the mysterious, deep in their hearts the dream of many years will emerge, Peng open to expansion - the beautiful female compatriots, I want not only the success of career , is more eager to get your high heels and Yu Zhi Xiu foot. I look back fondly last look at the cabin door stood off the flight attendants of U.S. high-heeled foot, the heart is the same as the bird flew to Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and other streets in Shanghai, imagine that I have uploaded after an absence of five Shanghai Mei-Mei Kau their feet, wearing beautiful high heels curl through the scene, an exciting current flowing slowly in me, so my "sponge" could not help but quickly congestion, turgidity, standing upright with ... ...
Back to Shanghai, to my surprise the first thing is simply the efficiency of Shanghai is even higher than the U.S., and I in a very short period of time to run all of the company operating procedures. `I invested in environmental protection is a high-tech products sales company, distribution of various environmentally friendly products. We sell a mainstream product imported from the United States, made of artificial cultivation of indoor plants, it has a strong absorption of CO2 and other emissions, the effectiveness of the release of fresh oxygen, the conversion efficiency is 100 times more common plants, people reinforced concrete building into a sitting room, feels like a tree-lined trail in the park as cool and comfortable.
Select the company's business address and other preparatory work have been completed and the start of the recruitment. My principle is paid to use them, the United States paid employment, paid tight watch. And I only recruit female staff, not just the work needs, but also because I crave sex, eager for the United States. Especially since the show on the Lotus feet long, and I, when recruiting employees in a particular standard setting, that is, the foot must be nice. I pay out enough for the whole amount of the Shanghai office ladies tachycardia, but the conditions and I asked my company's "Three Rules of Discipline Eight Points for Attention" is also prohibitive for many china sexy girls. I do not watch the interview academic, professional, resume, residence, age, because I firmly believe that a person has nothing to do with these factors to business; I look at face, figure, conversation, temperament, demeanor, personality, especially to the girl candidates must take off shoes and socks, sticks out her bare feet so I carefully examined. Additional agreements in the labor contract, I specifically added the company under the "Three Rules of Discipline Eight Points for Attention" and requested the candidates to read a girl and seriously understand, do agree and guarantee to do before they can finally enter into labor contracts.
Three disciplines are: First, all actions obey orders, to obey the boss's orders to make money; second, all work should be seriously explain what the boss should be dry; the third, and all recreational activities should be organized by the company collective can not go to any places of entertainment without permission. Eight Points for Attention: first, allowed early puppy love; second, allowed to flatter the boss; Third, in the company must wear high heels, but can not wear platform shoes; fourth and toenails must be neatly trimmed beautiful ; the fifth, allowed reasonable men with short hair, strange hair; sixth, allowed to makeup; seventh, not allowed to wear low-end clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, etc.; the eighth, allowed to travel by public transport. Of course, employees also have their own power, they can resign at any time.
I was pleasantly surprised that such harsh conditions, but there are still hundreds of people applied candidates. More than a week after the selection interview, I finally took nine hired beautiful young female employees, can be considered the cream of the crop. This nine female employees aged 18-35 years old, they all pretty smart, but thin ring of fat Yan, Mei short length of bamboo, customs million, are different.
Select auspicious auspicious day, I asked a company to do the ceremonial opening celebration. 9 staff a beautiful appearance, suddenly Splendid, head all the guests all the crazy of course, were full of praise of their beauty and elegance, I do not know the hard work and money to pay. This order of their first appearance, I deliberately invited the professional image of the designer's image for their design, but also on a per person made a million clothing costs, so that they buy fashion. Their live performance is really the expectations of my heart, in the company's opening ceremony as I fight enough of the face, especially when they wear high heels feet per person is very sexy stocking legs, and many guests are frequently looking down, there are several a President's "informants" is like a slam their heels, like how the show can do without ladies feet, eyes could not conceal his inner greed and lust. When I saw this, I really want to rush over to the beauty of the female staff of the feet were grasped in the arms of protection, to keep those who "pervert" opportunity.
Wang Danqing 9 female staff is the oldest, 35 years old, is a divorced single mother. I wanted to be married in the recruitment, because I think marriage will make people become conservative, no passion, lack of adventurous spirit, which is the business taboo, such a person will never become a good corporate talent. But Wang Danqing the beauty and talent made me at first sight. Day in the recruitment scene, as she stood in front of me handed her resume, because many people, I did not see her face, just head down to take over, she quickly turned the resume - she graduated Peking University, history major, worked as university teachers, a company vice president, newspaper reporter, the family is divorced, has a 12-year-old girl by her upbringing. After reading the resume, I instinctively looked up to her and looked, then I see a ray of sunshine from the top down, irresistibly on my face ... ... My God, she overgrown U.S. , and it is a glamorous beauty. She just nodded at me reserved, but a bit shy I looked down, his eyes eagerly searching her feet to go. She did not speak, slowly sat down on a chair, lay it out from a pair of high heels in the show enough, in my eyes barefoot Qiaoqi the his legs, and with eyes looking at me very proud, that means: I know you like a woman feet, how? My feet are the most standard. I almost see stared, and Wang Danqing, good name, good feet, can be used to describe flawless jade.
I strongly suppress our excitement, did not let himself get down and kiss her feet, quivering voice, said: "Little Sister ... ... to welcome you to this ... ... ... ... company, you are hired."
"Thank you, I'm glad!" Wang Danqing very calm answer.
In this way, Wang Danqing become my company's employees.
In the opening ceremony, all contestants will undoubtedly Wang Danqing is one of the most attractive. She wore a large red Chinese-style pure velvet dress without the shoulder, the standard height of 1.65 meters, plus also a large red, thin enough to have 4-inch heel suede high heels, but her jade tree stands out. MOISTURE her plump shoulders, as if the two bending the bright moon shines Chizui men face towards her; her peak winding valley of the shadow, swaying men obsessed with the desire of the heart; moving her high-heeled Ivy Ling Po Lin Yu feet, which involve men hot on her feet wrapped around the eyes. I've been afraid to look at her, her face several times, I almost want to kneel at her feet, yet she was like a great respect for me was to the guests: "Welcome! This is our the company's chairman and general manager, and wish me. "I am putting on an act to show business card:" I beam springs, and wish me! "... ..., such a scene really torture people, ah!
Celebrations finally over, and I greatly relieved, look beautiful to me unconsciously female staff who aim to go. Good people like cheerful magpie, together talked and laughed, apparently also for the just-concluded festival and excited. I went over to them, the girls stocking legs see me coming they stopped laughing, everyone seemed a bit stiff. I used the tone of the boss, said: "you work hard, thank you for your work. Have to go back, tomorrow 9:00, please work on time, work will be very busy, and you must be psychologically prepared Caixing it!" People are very polite beauty I said goodbye to the total beam, turn left, the door suddenly once again sounded their laughter.

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