Stockings fiction - the true story of stockings

Stockings fiction - the true story of a few years ago, right stockings, and we graduated from university.  I have a love my husband, but I love an outstanding school boys.  He was great and really handsome, from a beautiful city.  He was very nice to me, I will misunderstood as love, unfortunately not.  Until later learned that he had been to the roots of me as his best, I am not lost, and some sad but

 Stockings fiction - the true story of stockings
 A few years ago now, we graduated from university.  I have a love my husband, but I love an outstanding school boys.  He was great and really handsome, from a beautiful city.  He was very nice to me, I will misunderstood as love, unfortunately not.  Until later learned that he had been to the roots of me as his best, I am not lost, some sad but I know that he does not belong to me, he was in love with the beautiful city who really tall girl. Story took place we are going to break from that period of time.
 In a first night, we meet to chat in the town square that night really late.  I am really reluctant to let him leave, that I wanted him to hug me.  He refused, he said he in addition to their favorite people, he did not want to hold others. Sudden change in weather, really cold, I wear very little, shivering, into the underground passage that we sheltered, I am willing to be with him to listen to him sing for me.  Some dark night, and he should be back bedroom, while I was in that city, I had to send him out of the tunnel, I can not help, and I stopped him and asked him to shut his eyes, I gave him a kiss .  Really, I do love him.  He has many areas that attracted me.  He was surprised, and perhaps the sudden warmth of Lai Buji, he hugged me, gave me a kiss to kiss. I was moved .... a sudden he put me up, as in the statue inside the glass holding Shu Shua Zaji like Jackie Chan, I suddenly was exciting, exciting.  Some of his passion began.  In this warm embrace of my smile and laugh, and cried out to play .... he also said that we change the kind of more exciting games are played.  I asked what, he hesitated for a long time to say: Now many people, so that you and I down. 。 So. I talked with my he walked down the tunnel.  He literally sat me down, on the steps, I am quite puzzled, why does he want to, and my heart is also quite looking forward to a state of mind.  Suddenly, he lifted my foot, so I was surprised! I ask, why? He said: I intend to write on your feet, do you think! I am a little surprised, quickly retracted his feet, although the shoes have been He took it off.  I still try to protect themselves, I really do not know at that time, until later did I learn things. Hard night at my firm, he did not again how I was.  But that night I used the language of perfunctory: Well, next time with you to play, gave him a glimmer of hope.
 Not long time, he would go back, we meet again.  I promised him to accompany him to drink, but that night we do not have the desire to eat, so he chose to go to KTV.  I was also quite a bit embarrassing, but also for the first time and a boy to go KTV, very variable twisted.  So what is occurring in the night. He sings really good, we drank a lot of wine, are tired, so lying on the sofa without a word.  He began, and lively smile: You seem to owe me a thing Oh? I was very puzzled: What?
You said, you have to play with a game, not going to regret it?" He said slowly.  I understand this time. I'm quite certain do not want to, because telling the truth, no one has ever said, played games like that, strange.  Furthermore, I do not know why he wants this game.  Also, I think if you write should be very itchy feet now, and I was very afraid.  Perfunctory in the past so I thought, "Well no, I sing to you, we do another game now." As time passed a long, very long time, he was so insistent, "for once! Try Well" I pretty afraid, but he did want to love my pretty, and he will not be so good to make other things right (refer to some bad things.)  Mimi Hu Hu was also the promise, but only one request, shoes and socks came off my own, and he agreed.  I tell the truth, really not so directly before his feet to the boys to read, so it is a little shy, very afraid, in the corner, I take off their shoes and look back at him: socks off or not? "He deeply nod, I relented, directly ripped off the socks, and then asked him again, we can only touch the feet, but only one. I carefully over his sexy stocking legs, he lifted my foot, and suddenly he sat I left, I stretched the right foot, he and I are not very easy, and he asked me to put your left foot to me .... I was like, since all do, and forget it. I am again once off the shoes and socks, bare feet gave him the. He made me lie down and turn around to crawl, so I started it up. I did, in fact, my attitude is very simple, all the way, and just the natural point, so he said I did, he would not like people who do outrageous things. I lay down, but he did not speak, nor write operation, I felt my feet were attached to his face, and I my mind went blank, but I'm not going to disturb him. with a curious thought as he entered the period of time.
 Hu Hu came hot foot feeling, he put my feet on his face, across the nose, touching the lips, and finally the chin, back and forth friction.  Some itching, because under the influence of his beard residue.  I laughed, and said what are you doing, what he did not answer, ask me: comfortable? In fact, my heart I still feel very comfortable.  But I did not say, I am silly to pretend  asked, how? You write this way? He did not answer, start wetting the soles of the feet, I turned to see him in * my feet! God! This is how a return to all? is the first time I really experienced! feet feel itchy Huhu, very clear sense that the warmth of his tongue across, I am both excited, but a little embarrassed, shy.  After all, is the first time.  I whip back to my feet, asked him why this is.  He uttered in this life the first time I heard the words: love the foot.  Although I can not quite accept, but I know this world there are many kinds of some "abnormal" behavior, such as some special habit and so on.  I quietly on his feet and legs, that I understand him.  To see their most beloved of the men were honest, in fact, I am pleased.  He is perhaps his most intimate part of gave me that he trusted me.  Maybe he just does not belong to me.  That night, he was * all over my foot, heel toe, every corner.  We still do that, he said the guessing game, and later learned he was in fact want to scratch my itch, I put up a few times, did not guess the words were written on the soles of the feet fingers and the pen, or a sudden feeling of Let me very excited and looking forward to.  Although not itch, itch, or very soft kind of pleasant.  Several times he pisses me off the action, such as direct holding my feet casually scratching with fingernails,her is china sexy girls, especially the kind of irregular and gestures some weight, is really itchy I can not stand, I have several times Meng's withdraw, let him play, but each time let him hold my feet in his arms.  Looked at him, allowing the kind of warmth suck my toes, I really became his misunderstanding of my love.  Later he told me quite frankly, I was his roots, and perhaps a lifetime decided the case.  Not long, I still control his emotions, he just put his shoes and socks.  I regret that I want to leave him, like he wanted to me take off your shoes, take off socks, shoes to wear socks, continue to scratch my foot.  I am more firmly refused. Unfortunately, only let him leave Remember me ~ ~ Oh, and perhaps the right woman is always selfish. This is my true story.

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