Doctor and stockings beauty

I was deeply this hot dry surrounded by people, no place to hide. Unlock the white coat buttons, open the skirt as much as possible, so that the same adhesion of the wind, creaking old fan from the inside, unable to penetrate my body. Discontimuance units, medical equipment, try to keep all the reform and opening up the style. Require the installation of air conditioning also was director of the natural looked down upon helpless and depressed.Infirmary empty afternoon, I am a person with a rare clean exclusive, both want someone to see the doctor to pass the boring time and can not stand the wet, sticky, sticky wet clothes and create longer have any intimate skin friction. Lord ah, come work it.
"Doctor, now can check body?" "Ah?" I turned and saw a handsome young stocking woman was standing in front of the infirmary, and a look of apology. I quickly fastened the buttons of his chest, sit up straight in his chair, thinking indecent appearance just to let people see, is really beneath the doctor decency. "Oh, when, of course, but just check last month, finished units are not we? Do you not come?" "Well, I just transferred last month, we units, not between the various procedures Banqi, so it no catch. This does not immediately lead us to send me to Shanghai on business, I would like to check complement this moment, if nothing I'm also relieved. "" This ah, that was OK, ah, but we the female doctor Today compensatory, she is not taboo if you do nothing, then I can give you a check. "" that's OK, I can not spare the rest of the time, and it trouble you. "
And she put things on the waiting hands of the chair, went to clinic bed and gently sat on the bed, bends over to, his right hand to the solution slender slim shoelace. At this time, I began to quietly look at her, just watch not to speak, really did not pay much attention to her in the end look like. Thin s cheek, charming eyes, under the experienced and savvy temperament showing little of the playful. Evidently, it is estimated there are 28-29 years old it should be. Big wavy hair, bent over and scattered by draped over his shoulders, light blue shirt, dark blue of the skirts, simple and generous, dignified and elegant. Upper thin and not soft, skin so delicate white and revealed a healthy atmosphere. The most touching is suffocating her two pairs of legs, flesh-colored stockings, tightly wrapped, full in the skirt revealing sleek, smooth lines of the calf. The hand of a root zone is cruising at high sandals, and strive to make that a pair had to break my foot out of the United States of vertigo, it seems anxious to show me, so I can taste some detail.
Suddenly, she hesitated a moment, immediately raised his head and looked straight at me. I rushed to the eyes away from her feet, throws the beating heart, is over, I am sure they panicked. "Yes, doctor, is to Tuo Lexie, bed check, right? I remember the original in another hospital, people are so required. Do not know" "Right, right, you Haojiu Hang in bed." Originally, the patient off is unnecessary.She finally untied lace sandals (I almost volunteered to help her to be busy, thanks to hold back), straight body, his hands grabbed the edge of the bed, legs Qingtai, the United States slightly lowered foot, sandals, slip nature (I almost hear the tie over the sound of rustling silk stockings issued), issued twice crisp sound (really nice ah, women lightweight sandals, free from the burden of Holothuria, which pressed the soles of the feet and the upper, and finally there opportunity to suppress the release of the long attractive atmosphere, radiation spread out and give to the thirst of my suffering.)
Subsequently, her hands supporting the back, center of gravity backward tilt of the past. Lift legs higher, and skirts a little way down the faded some, and exposed thighs tightly together as possible to Bengzhi feet, calf muscle contraction into a sleek teardrop-shaped, silky stockings are ankle are outlined slender silk pattern, fold a Road, itching in my heart, pain in my heart, I can not immediately eat a hearty meal in front of me and complain incessantly Dayton, suffering ah! Reason, this is how my mind?
Then, her whole body in bed at 90 degrees, feet on the mat slowly falls, the upper body a little lay down. Finally, the indistinct uttered a cry breath, as if had a lot of effort, but can not be readily demonstrated, on behalf of all relax after venturing outside as quietly relax. After I saw her lying, they set the little looking hard, Lile Li clue, thought to be a doctor again on their own work (and in fact, do not go completely to God is impossible.) I hastily checked some routine items, including listening to heart sounds, listen to breath sounds, abdominal palpation, auscultation and so on. The entire inspection process, she is Weibi the eyes, breathing seems to be slightly faster than normal, do not know why. I was very clear about where she checked in the end want to be the reason they have to find a suitable Caixing. "Did you have any trouble?" "Nothing, that is, last month, I accidentally feet ankle. Was felt all right, but later while not impeding walking, you can sleep at night, when resting, or a little pain, especially during the day much the way to go, so will the doctor, you said do not leave any after-effects, right? "I actually hear the pain of patients are happy, really ashamed! Shameless! . But I can not hide, this is indeed like a shot in the arm, or the consulting room as suddenly as safe air conditioning and gave me the most beautiful moments and strong shock. Oh, my God! I almost passed out, okay, okay.

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