Really making the narrow life of transgender people in Thailand

Thailand is believed to transgender people around the world countries with the highest proportion, but also the purposes of sex change operations than any other place, so Thailand transgender community is also more tolerant attitude. The Thai government has legislation in 2009, men over the age of 20 can decide whether or degeneration.

Although Thai society in general "default" transgender people, but because information about modifying the transsexual gender identity cards and passports still in Congress, the motion was not adopted, so far, transgender people need to travel abroad and other activities of sex proved still many restrictions, legal status is not very clear.

Over the years, Thailand has been a major sex tourism destination in Asia. Many transgender people forced out of a variety of entertainment life stress, according to bar sales to laugh, but often can not guarantee quality of life of transgender people, so most if not prostitution as a young transsexual star the only way out. In some areas, prostitution transsexual prostitute more than the number of non-denatured more than.

Thai transsexual surgery often seek to obtain by the end of the recognition and improvement of living conditions, but because of limited financial resources, they often go to some small clinics in the surgery, leading to death or leave the body unable to repair wounds.

Transgender people, that walk the edge of mainstream society in the special group, is looking forward to more attention from society and the acceptance of ... ...

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