Japanese Cowboy street "prostitutes" Secret life of the whole

In Japan there is a profession called Cowboy, Cowboy primarily to provide a variety of sexual services of women, because Cowboy is allowed in Japan, so many places in Japan Cowboy street. Of course, in this business has some future, more than the male lead in the AV is that they play these people. Once the election may go lucky. But their work is very hard
Chinese men and women eat soft food that is shameful behavior is different from Japanese men believe that male prostitute is a professional, female customer satisfaction is to realize the value of their life, so they are very dedicated, about forty thousand dollars a month income Well done more.

Cowboy appears to be very friendly and between, but the competition is fierce. Legend of a game to please the guests,
The identity of the guests generally stay at the Cowboy Club, one can not exceed 30 minutes. Go after the selection of their favorite Cowboy POP Counter, the most expensive bottle of seven points, eight hundred thousand yen in the red wine, a drink that is left after 20 minutes of the most discerning traveler. Occasionally there is a twice a month, bring a 7,8 5,6 personal spending one million yen, after three hours to leave the carnival!
Whether the common people gathered ordinary "Izakaya", or senior high society to patronize clubs, nightclubs, and Japanese-style pavilion, staged every day in different stories.

Cowboy nightclub have been trained, from the cigarette lighter, pouring, folding towels to chat etiquette are quite demanding, pay attention to skills. Cowboy generally talk in the store and you drink, you can not take him out.

Cowboy popular monthly income of ten million yen or more, excluding them from the hands of the guests received jewelry and cars. From this, Cowboy is indeed one of the easiest money-making career. Often found in the newspapers recently, many debt burdened by the male artist, has chosen Japan unveils sea, to start a Cowboy.

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