My uncle stockings

My uncle has been very edge of stockings stockings stories we like to see, today I Laijiang Jiang own stockings story is true, it probably is the thing that made me stockings, especially with soldiers from an inextricable plot. f? I) k8M it is still a child, one day at a relatives house for dinner. in which a military uncle, long very handsome, very much a man. He said stomach problems after eating, I went to bed to help him with his massage. to the bed, he lying down, asking me to help him put off his shoes, his feet moved to the bed, when he wore a pair of brown nylon stockings (as if the impression is), very big feet. He said he rubbed his feet first to help me because of that, no feeling of stockings, it is so silly as he was asked rubbing. After a while, he said, off the stockings the re-kneading, I slowly off his stockings, put on one side, then rub the foot. about ten minutes, he said almost, so I used to rub his belly, and I climbed up beside him, with little hands rubbing his stomach, he said to me a little hope that the next twist, finished to look with my hands pushed under, seem to have touched the hair was feeling, and specifically did not touch him there I can not remember . to preserve the memory of these many, will never seen him since, I have that experience to remember. sometimes wonder whether he has love feet, has been in touch with him if the nice ah.

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