I am so excited

Content: black eyes, white dress, gray stockings, this is my girl in front of me after the first feeling. I am really excited, I have been very few streets. Once there is no way, my girlfriend have to accompany her water and soil, I had obeyed the. To the supermarket I have no energy. Suddenly, a girl carrying a basket into the supermarket, my eyes finally lit. The girl looks very cute, beautiful and with a bit playful, big, black eyes and very God. The spirit of me the most is that she was a white dress, reveals a pure atmosphere, slender thighs wrapped in gray stockings, even more attractive thigh and temptation. I took a girlfriend, always with her, I pick things while patiently while staring at this beautiful girl. Close to my ears, my girlfriend said: “I went to buy something over there!” I nodded. I know she went to the female counter, and let me have a chance to just one person close to the girl! Girlfriend left me a step nearer, the girl stopped in front of a shelf, and looked at the chocolate on the shelves a daze. I think the opportunity comes, I’m behind her, bent down, close her legs looked closely at her beautiful legs. A bit of fat and no legs, well proportioned. I looked up along the calf and thigh in the dress in the swing with her naughty body looming, with the thickness of the thigh and calf very simply perfect! But for reason to overcome, I really want to touch it. Suddenly she took a step back, bent down to see something lower, tilt her ass, dress being slowly lifted her ass to her thighs are a little bit to show in front of me, I was almost going to look That layer of tights to wear. Finally, I saw her wearing pants stockings, with no wires and hook the ball, would also seem to buy a new. I’m one step behind with the girl, turned a shelf, I saw my favorite assortment of merchandise – silk stockings. Careful selection of the girl with stockings, did not find my trailing. She picked up a few packs of pants stockings, I thought this girl liked the original stockings it! I was about to take care to see her body over what brand to buy, and suddenly heard behind the sentence: “Hey! What are you doing it!” I’m scared of a cold sweat. Looked back, this time over ~ ~ it was my girlfriend, she was staring at the eyes at me. I panic, the girl looked at me, I was panicked! A girlfriend came up to me, I stood there out of ideas. Suddenly someone back into my hand a packet, I saw turned out to be a bag of stockings. I carefully think this is not just the girl to get it?! ~ ~ Day of that! ! She actually saved me at this time! ! I could not believe myself. I took the stockings of his girlfriend, said: “I’ve come to pick your stockings. You look like?” My girlfriend immediately becomes clear day, and said softly: “hate! Who told you to buy!!” I heart finally landed it! I looked back to find that girl, she was gone, I looked at her back, saying silently: “Thank you, beautiful girl stockings!” My girlfriend nestling in my arms, said: “Let’s go back, Today I am wearing stockings look good look good!? go…

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