"Stockings women" get more sex climax

Many women do not understand why men love to lick feet, smell the stockings? Why women wear stockings want to dawdle in his face, do whatever they want no human relations? Does not know that just as women like masculine, chest overwhelmed by men, like a dream, that of silk stockings love, not just smell the smell, as well as visual images, dramatic tension and wet out with a special sense of taste.

According to U.S. media reports, dozens of sexologist for more than 700 women of the research found that if the male partner can read the following five wishes, then she will whole-heartedly sex, make you reluctant to leave.

Concerned about her and focus on sex. 42% of the women said, the other's passion and dedication to the fire ignited his love. More than Jiucheng of the women thought that men could not help in the sex issue in the low roar, let them fascinating, eye contact and other body language are also important.

Foreplay is the protagonist. Sichengyishang of women agree that sexual intercourse orgasm will appear before the caress, while men "in bed" the most dissatisfied with is this: ignore the first play and the lack of creativity.

"Lightly" is a unique Jiaochen women is not denied, but I hope you can be more sensitive to her feelings. At this point men should be more serious and persistent sexual excitement to explore parts of lovers.

The right temperature will help to reach orgasm. Only half of the female sex in daily to achieve orgasm, and if put on socks and then have sex, the proportion of the climax of 80%. This finding does not mean that non-sex wear socks, but emphasis on the appropriate room temperature, allows women to feel safe and relaxed, so more likely to enjoy sex.

Do not orgasm as the only target. When women worry about their sexual performance, will be more difficult to achieve orgasm. So men can ask: "Honey, do you like it?" Rather than "you faster?" If you paid off and she has not been sent into the state, do not force support, because women can understand : They may not be able to achieve orgasm every time, it has nothing to do with your performance.

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