Real beat Japanese club "Pink Corps": Men as the main consumer Happy Golden Cave

If the flow dissipation and densely populated, Japan Ginza fully able to go beyond the Champs Elysees and Fifth Avenue in New York. In the backstreets of Ginza nightclub bar thousands of private clubs sprang up, definitely represents a night of culture in Japan, so much the main consumer Happy Golden Cave mostly men, because there are always many beautiful women and the Dancing sexy Girl hot who in the eyes of Gouzhe.

Night beauty has always been the main force, each club will have their own Pink Army. Japanese club and private club dancers always again and again issued a challenge to your eyes, not only the world's best sultry dance, and dress is Chromic boundless. A big show of dancing on the stage, under the screaming stage, a face, a look, even just an ear coming from the eggs, flowers, are all flirting with his life away by desire.

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