Actress stockings, sexy legs to show different styles

Nowadays getting cold, warm dress has become one of factors must be considered, if you still reluctant replaced skirt, that a variety of unique design or practical convenience of stockings would be your best choice, each year styles of stockings can be described as full of tricks, dazzling beauty of the girls were blessed!

Ke $ ha
Qian Niu is a Ganchuan Zhu Er, just over GAGA almost bizarre level, but her style is not so varied, but mainly in black punk based. Wild-type leather jacket and cowboy boots are her exposure to a common dress, but these socks are very special, the ordinary black silk fabric and stitching together a wild leopard, the leopard combines elements of black cool equipment , the clever and superior.
Taylor Momsen
Little J is not inferior to the love of stockings Sammi Cheng, but she is mainly black sexy wild style, with this year is the most popular lace stockings and perspective elements, the small J this pair of lace Diao Daiwa is certainly the most tidal the most sexy. Beautiful legs wrapped in black lace, which together with high soles and tight short skirts, her man can resist the temptation?
Lourdes Leon
Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon stockings on the black stripes with a depth of design, so that type is more slender legs, knees, is definitely not on the hole accidentally broke, and that the design, but the tide and let her show more personalized style of street punk. Want to type more slender legs girl stockings have to try this style, but is careful to wear stripes.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift almost wearing the day dresses of the season, of course need to cool with stockings to keep warm, but because she is always a little princess's appearance, clothing style with exquisite design of the main sweet, choose to do a double hook flower stockings really easy to do, fine diamond and also a short striped shirt and skirt folds echoed strong sense of the body as a whole.

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